The warm weather has come and gone, the sun is setting on summer and the first golden leaves are beginning to drop from the trees. That’s right, the time for spring cleaning has passed and the time for fall repairs is here!

This is the time of year to take care of that list of DIY chores that has been building up, before the cold weather and the nights draw in. Doing so will help ensure that your home is cozy, comfortable and warm throughout the winter.

To take care of your outstanding repairs  – whether to your outdoor areas such as your patio and yard, or to your home – you will need a selection of tools. If your tool box is a little sparse then perhaps you should invest in a few essentials so that your chores can be taken care of as quickly and easily as possible. Here are 10 tools that you shouldn’t be without:

1) Philips screwdriver

The majority of screws these days require a Philips head screwdriver and every bag of tools should include one. Your fall chores will be nigh on impossible without one of these essential pieces.

2) Flathead screwdriver

Older appliances and fittings are likely to contain flathead screws so this is another vital item for the DIY enthusiast. Plus they are perfect for opening cans of paint and varnish.

3) Hacksaw

If your repairs require the cutting of metal or perhaps tough plastic, you will find a hacksaw very useful indeed. Of course buying one doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to cut in a straight line!

4) Wood saw

The same goes for a wood saw, but you will find a lot of use for one if you are carrying out extensive repairs in the home or garden.

5) Hammer

The good old hammer is always handy, whether you need to fix a loose chair leg or put up some insulating plasterboard in the attic.

6) Tape measure

If your DIY chores include putting up shelves or building cupboards make sure you have a tape measure. Home improvement is not the time to make an ‘educated guess’, so buy a tape measure and make sure you do it right!

7) Spirit level

Again this is an essential item for shelving and cupboards. A spirit level will help you erect shelves and make sure they are exactly level. This is an inexpensive tool but a very important one.

8) Pliers

It is advisable to have a selection of pliers, from those with wire snippers and clamps to needle nose pliers for more intricate jobs.

9) Step ladder

Don’t be tempted to balance on chairs to reach light fittings and ceilings for repairs or decorating, because it could end in disaster. A step ladder is an investment in your safety so is well worth the money.

10) Safety boots

If you take DIY seriously and you are throwing yourself into your fall repairs it would be wise to get some safety boots, such as from the Scruffs workwear range. They are so tough that they will last you years and you’ll be pleased you have them when you drop any or all of the above tools on your toes!

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