ifixit appiFixIt is a great app for those looking for a wide category of different repair guides. This app includes everything from smartphones and tablets to automotive repair, even home appliance guides. This app if virtually a repair compendium for the everyday person. Available for both IOS and Android for free, this app is great for everyone.


wikihow appWikiHow – WikiHow is an application similar to Wikipedia itself, only for DIY projects. WikiHow has a huge range of application, it has technology, repair guides, life hacks, craft projects, even recipes. Ever wanted to know how to make french toast? Need meditation techniques? Have to change your own oil? There are guides and how to’s in this app for everything. WikiHow is also on both IOS and Android for free, so pick it up today.


tappainter appTapPainter – Wondering what colors would look good on that wall behind the TV? Well before you go to the paint store, check out TapPainter on IOS. This app lets you take a picture of the space you’re planning on painting, and allows you to change the color of it. Virtually allowing you to paint the wall or space and see what it will look like when finished. From small paint projects to house painting this app can help you save tons in time and energy when painting.


color smart appColorSmart – Along the same lines as TapPainter, ColorSmart is for the painter on the go. If you see a color you like anywhere, you can snap a quick picture of the color to save for later. Use the app to then figure out where on the color spectrum your color is, what RBG numbers you need, as well as stores in your area that would carry it. Take the color into your local paint store and you can get that color. It also suggests color schemes and contours. A great app for any DIY painter.

Handyman Calculator

handyman calculator appHandyman Calculator – The Handyman Calculator is the perfect app for any DIY enthusiast. From working with wood, metal or plastic, to even fabrics and smaller crafts, knowing your measurements can save you a lot of time and grief. The app has dozens of different conversion and measurement tools to help you on any project you might find yourself doing.

 iHandy Carpenter

ihandy carpenter appiHandy Carpenter – iHandy Carpenter gives the user the ability to turn their iPhone into a virtual multi-tool by using the built in sensors the phone comes with. It gives you an electronic surface and bubble level, as well as a protractor for those tough vertical angles. Very handy in a pinch. Available on IOS only.


houzz appHouzz – The Houzz application is for DIY design, architecture, and home improvement enthusiasts. With tons of community guides, articles, pictures, and discussion posts, this app is a treasure chest for both amateur and pro home and decor designers.


magic plan appMagicPlan – This app uses your camera to map the level of the room you shoot. Then allows the user to generate floor plans and measurements. This can be helpful when wanting to move furniture, you can see where things could go, if certain objects can fit in certain spaces. The plans can even be turned into jpegs so you can send them if need be.


snapguide appSnapGuide – SnapGuide has a huge and detailed inventory of repair guides, recipes, hacks, and other projects both large and small. Unlike other compendium apps, SnapGuide comes with full page pictures and detailed step by step guides. Giving some of the best how to’s on the market. A great app at great price, free on IOS.

 Home Improvement Calcs

home approvement calcs appHome Improvement Calcs – Home Improvement Calcs is another great measurement and resource tool for any DIY enthusiast. Things like building stairs correctly and straight, and how much board do you need for both roof and floor can be found in the guides in this app as well. Very detailed and high-quality guides is what you pay for on IOS for $1.99.

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