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A patio can be an excellent addition to our home’s outdoor space. It can be an area where your family can enjoy lunches and dinners or where you hold small gatherings with your friends. You may have options to consider when it comes to choosing a patio design for your garden.

Below are ten of the trendy designs that are popular currently:

  1. Split Level Patio

The inspiration behind this style of a patio is the need to give the area a bit of flair that gives it another level. It is a creative way of extending into your garden but ensures that one section is distinctively identified from the other. For instance, you can have one part, for dining and another for sunbathing. Moreover, the split-level patio would also help seclude your house for the rest of the yard. It thus will allow you to have more freedom for your flower garden and landscaping arrangement.

  1. Brick Patio

If you are to install the patio is a circular area, then you need to consider the pattern to use. When opting for brick, then you should lay down the bricks to come up with a design that complements your yard nicely. Given the sturdiness of bricks, brickwork is a trendy choice from garden patios as well as the driveways. Bricks have a unique color and are often associated with longevity when compared to other materials. And for a curved patio, the pattern of the brickwork will exude a stylish and elegant look.

  1. Mosaic Patio

If you desire to install something that will impress your friends and family, then a mosaic patio is one of the top choices to consider. In this case, the significant feature that gives the installation that edgy spark will be the use or mosaic tiles. You will need to have a creative eye when choosing the tiles so that you pick what looks flashy yet exudes a bespoke artistic flair. Alternatively, you can play it safe by opting for a symbol, picture, or pattern that you know or means something to you or your family.

  1. Stone Patio

The one advantage of opting to use natural stone is that it is a readily available material that comes in an array of styles, colors, and textures. Options can range from limestone, flagstone, quartzite, york stone, slate, and bluestone, among others. The material is quarried, and thus you can expect it to cost a fair bit more than other options. Moreover, the patio design to work with is often influenced by the kind of natural stone you choose. You can allow the stones used to construct your home to inform your decision on what to go for and the theme for your patio.

  1. Poured Concrete Patio

Concreate can, at times, feel a bit drab and dated; however, it is a material that can stand the test of time. It will require limited maintenance and may not discolor quickly if installed appropriately. A concrete patio is relatively cheap to set up when compared to using other materials. But it will not be something that gets the heads of your neighbors and guests turning whenever they see or step into your garden.

  1. Rounded Patio

A rounded patio is an excellent choice if you desire to install something that can be a focal point of your yard. You can look to the design to help you figure out the tables and outdoor dining chairs to install. If you add a fire pit to it, or a barbecue spot, then this can be the centerpiece for the rounded patio. The shape and design will see it blend in seamlessly with your garden; however, it all depends on the size of the patio and the available space in your yard. The contrast of this circular patio would go well with one of these sharp-edged gazebos recommended by Gardener’s Path:

  1. Square Patios

Many patios in most homes have a square shape. It arguably is the most cost-effective design, and the cost can be low when it made from poured concrete. The square patio is an ideal outdoor area for host large groups over for a barbecue party or just for the general family gathering held out in the backyard. Give some thought to the dimensions based on the available outdoor space.

  1. Paved Slab Patio

Paved concrete slabs are renowned for their ability to withstand temperature changes. They also have an extensive lifespan. However, they are closely associated with poured concrete because they have a reasonably plain presentation. But on the plus side, the paving slabs are cost-effective and can be a reliable choice if you are thinking about robust, long-term investment.

  1. Free-Form Patio

Free-form patios are available in numerous options and are not defined by any specific shape or design. The free-form patios are characterized by broad distance, differing angles, and sweeping curves. They mostly have an asymmetrical design and often picked to bring in a bespoke touch into a garden. For instance, you can couple the mosaic tiling with the free-form design to come up with something unique and original.

  1. Mixed Design Patio

It will be a hybrid type of patio since it is a mix of different patio designs. For instance, you can opt to install paved concrete and surround it with a brickwork perimeter. Conversely, you can use limestone to come up with trendy rounded patio design and include mosaic-style elements to give it some edginess. Overall, whatever elements you decide to mix, remember that the final product should complement your outdoor space and landscaping.


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