2017 May patio design idea

For a person with a busy lifestyle, very few things can beat the feeling of coming home to a relaxing and tranquil environment. Our patio designs idea for May 2017, if taken, provides you with the space you crave for. Fortunately, you can model this space to suit your taste as well as your budget.


How to make this design a reality?

  1. This design is a perfect blend of sophistication and practicality. You can have it outfitted with state of the art equipment and facilities to make for a more pleasurable experience. However, to achieve this, it is imperative that you have a spatial backyard on which to build this structure.


  1. The brown brick wall gives off an air of refinement and offers your space a contemporary yet classic outdoor look. You can achieve this by using actual bricks or good quality brick effect wallpaper that can stand the test of time.


  1. One of the merits of this particular design is its flexibility. Different building materials can be used for this space including tiles and concrete.


  1. Adding flower pots with natural flowers enhances the beauty of your patio by giving it a pop of colour and a touch of nature. You can decide to go with identical flower pots for a symmetrical look or spruce things up with different types and sizes, if you want to have a more eclectic arrangement.


  1. The benefits of fresh air cannot be underestimated. This design exploits natural ventilation. You can supplement with ceiling fans for optimal aeration, thus, giving you an opportunity to feel more refreshed. It also affords you a clear view of the night sky. Depending on where you sit, all you have to do is turn to your side and look up or, just stare straight ahead for a breathtaking sight of starry skies.


  1. Unlike some patio designs, this unique design adjoins the house and is directly connected to it through the backdoor. This has the added advantage of providing easy access to the main dwelling. This is very useful in situations where sudden weather changes occur. You could sit on the patio and watch the rain fall without being affected and still dash into the house if need be.


  1. It is simple, yet stylish, with an attractive seating space and dining area. If you are looking to impress, this design creates the perfect setting for a semi-formal dinner and is a convenient location for an intimate or friendly meal.


  1. For both the seating and dining areas, ensure you get comfortable furniture. The chairs in our design are set in such a way that they provide adequate room for free movement and also maximize space. The metal frames and round bases guarantee durability and the padding is cushy without being too laid-back, thereby giving a comfy feeling while you interact with friends or rest after work. If you are working on a tight budget, a lawn chair and some armchairs could suffice but they have to be comfortable and outdoor proof.


  1. Making use of fashionable wall crafts and a floor would further improve the décor and add to its homeliness. A centre table made of raffia material or a silk tablecloth will make your space classier. Having a clock on the wall to give you a sense of time is also a great idea.


Having a beautiful lawn is a definite plus. It accentuates the serenity of the environment and it could serve as a very good location for a barbecue or hang out with friends. Having such a delightful recreation space adds value to your home and increases its appeal.


Recreation space such as this patio is a must-have if you are looking to improve your physical and psychological well-being. Studies have shown that spaces such as this; that allows you unwind after a hard day’s work helps a person with social or emotional challenges make the most of his or her life.


This patio design idea is the perfect paradise; a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a place that also allows you to refresh both your body and your mind. This design if adapted and done right would provide you with a personal go-to-space and a potential venue where pleasant memories with friends and family can be created.

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