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You can design your backyard into a paradise. Places where you come relax and enjoy after your busy schedule. An addition of a patio to your home will improve your outdoor living. You can design it into a casual area, entertainment spot, or an urban courtyard.

You should plan well before building. Good planning will help you get the outdoor space you want. A patio that will complement your landscape and lifestyle.

Patio planning

There are issues you should address before beginning to build your patio:

It will be important to connect the patio with your house. The patio should look and feel as part of the original design.

Balance the sun and shade

Your choice of location should have a balance of the two. You can add shade by using umbrellas or planting trees.

Purpose of your patio

The design will greatly depend on your intentions. Will it be an informal family space, entertainment spot, or something natural?


Many people do not like distractions while unwinding.

Review the site

You should ensure that the site will be able to support your patio. Good site preparation will get you a long lasting patio.

Determining a budget

The design, size, and location of your patio are important. It can be a short distance away connected by paths or directly off your home. Your choice will depend on the purpose of your patio. Your patio will integrate into the house if it is just off it. A freestanding design will require a focal point. The location will determine the usage.

The underlying factor is a good footing. The base should have compact gravel at least twelve inches deep. You can decide to have your patio surrounded by trees and a garden. You may also decide to have stonework. Your options will vary depending on your taste and preference.

You should be clear what you want to see while outside. If birds and butterflies captivate you then you ought to have a garden. If you prefer things simple and nice, you will love stone and rockwork.

Choose the right materials

The kind of materials you use will have the greatest effect on your budget. Below are five of the materials you can use with their advantages and disadvantages:


#1. Granite, bluestone – you can use it if you want high-end patios


  • Long-lasting and beautiful
  • You can cut into patterns of your choice
  • You can use them for both formal and informal settings


  • Expensive


#2. Concrete pavers – popular because it is versatile and affordable


  • Affordable, replaceable and durable
  • Available in different colors, patterns and shapes
  • You can use them in driveways


Look cheap and unnatural  


#3. Loose stone – it is loose crushed stone


  • You will use it in fire pits
  • Durable


You have to replenish it every now and the

Gets weedy if you do not prepare surface well


#4. Brick – it is associated with formal layouts. Distinctive


  • Many patterns available
  • Many color options
  • Blends well with other materials


  • Expensive, very slippery


#5. Poured concrete – it is not common in high-end terraces


  • Affordable, durable
  • Exciting color options


  • Cracks after sometime
  • Looks unnatural


Water features

Water flowing over a rock is very soothing. A water fountain will also improve the appearance of your outdoors. As the moving water catches light it adds interest to the setting. You may also decide to display fish.

The downside is that having a water foundation can be complicated. You have to figure out many things. They include; speed of water, volume of water, pump size, and output. You should hide the installation and do proper piping. The water features will require consistent maintenance. This is a costly affair. During winter, you disconnect the machine and clean it. The system stays that way until spring comes.

To get a water feature is expensive. Pipelines, excavation costs, pump, and other equipment are required. Maintenance should also be thorough and regular. If you have a fish inside your pool, you will have to feed them. During winter, you will have to aerate your pool. You will have to evacuate your fish and place them somewhere else.

Regardless of this, water features are growing in popularity. People appreciate the sound and movement of water.

To get the best patio and a comfortable outdoor living space you must have a good design. This will ensure that your existing environment and patio merge perfectly.


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