(texas) 2018 design trendsA new year brings, for some, a chance to refurbish or remodel their homes. Or maybe you just want to freshen things up a bit. Either way, each year design trends change. What was hot last year may not be very cool this year. Continue reading to find out what is trending this year in design.

Color, color, color!

Of course, color is one of the most important trends of all. This year, the color is Greenery. This yellow-green shade is reminiscent of nature and will go several earth shades, with the most popular being shades such as Hazelnut and Kale. Furthermore, jewel tones are going to be popular as well, specifically Lapis Blue and a fiery orange shade called Flame.

Make a room instantly colorful by painting the ceiling with something bright or add a vividly colored piece of furniture that’s easy to replace or change, just in case trends change again. Another idea is adding several colorful pieces in different shades to really add life to a room.

Metal heads!

No, we’re not referring to musical metal heads, but those who like actual mixed metals, such as brass or bronze. This year, a number of metals are going to be popular, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Brass, chrome, silver, polished nickel, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze all give that minimalist, industrial feel while being incorporated into new design techniques. Try metal lamps, trays, vases, and picture frames to add a new look to your place.

Many metals look well together and can make a single space look great if done right. Blending the same material just with different finishes can also give you a refined, finished look. This works particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms where there’s plenty of use for metals.

Go all natural!

Natural is always charming. Natural colors, such as tan, beige, and browns always look sophisticated, yet unstated, inviting and warm. Cork and terracotta, which aren’t normally thought of for use, are becoming more popular for stylish accents and they also add texture to your space. In addition, cork is great for using as the base of small pieces of furniture or making a creative accent wall. Don’t forget, cork also absorbs sound, so it may be good for utilizing in kids’ rooms or family rooms.

Say yes to wood

You can never go wrong with wood and this year high-lacquered wood is an emerging design trend. This polished, sleek wood can be used in a variety of ways but seems to be most popular as furniture for family rooms and bedrooms.

If you’re planning on remodeling or just sprucing your place up a bit, try some of these design tips for yourself. The bottom line is you’re the one who has to live in it, so be sure to pick something you’ll be happy with and will want to look at every day! Good luck!

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