Our love for technology knows no bounds. We have access to all of the world’s information in the palm of our hands. The ability to purchase televisions that are as big as living room wall and yet provide a picture that’s so crystal clear and sharp is just fantastic. We don’t let our love for technology faze us, especially in updating our homes in the latest and greatest in technology to help make our lives easier. Some tech projects that some folks can take on themselves are home automations, making your home completely wireless, and adding or modifying a room to become a home theater.

Home Automation

Home automation is the being able to control the basic functions of one’s home products with from almost anywhere. Things like:

Controlling lighting throughout the home

Adjust air conditioning and heating to time or other conditions

Send audio to other parts of the home

Turn appliances on or off

Open any motorized method of entry/ exits

All of this from a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or set to adjust automatically based on programmed criteria.  Most of these automations systems have proprietary systems to communicate with each other, but most can be wired into existing wireless systems. My favorite home automation system uses an iPhone and a nifty tiny device called the Raspberry Pi. Check out the video below

Wireless Home

Most people hate wires running all over the place to connect devices. Although I love when my devices are hardwired into their appropriate areas, I can understand people who want a truly wireless system in their home. To achieve that, one must be willing to make same changes within their own home.

Most existing wireless in-home networks are capable of covering an entire area, and if it is, it doesn’t have the best network transfer speeds those who want a true wireless home would appreciate.  Adding additional wireless repeaters (device that will extend the range of a wireless signal) and placing the wireless router in an area where the signal can get and provide the best coverage is crucial.

Home Theater

One of the ultimate tech home improvement projects you can undertake is a home theater system. While home theaters used to  be only for the uber-rich, the drop in high end electronic prices make them much more accessible to the general population. While you could go all out like these people did, you can get setup with a good starter system for as low as about $3,000 with these great starter options:


  • Vizio E701i-A3 – $1,499
  • Panasonic TC-P65ST60 – $1995
  • Sony KDL-70R520A – $2599



  • Soundbar – Pioneer SP-SB23W $299
  • AV Receiver – Sony STR-DN840 $370
  • Speakers – Pioneer SP-PK52FS $550



  • Palliser Playback Home Theater Seat – $600 per seat
  • Magnolia Home Theater Seat – $540 per seat




This piece was written by Jerry Williams from wireless broadband provider Blue Fire Broadband.

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