If you have children, it is important that you make sure their birthday party celebrations are memorable. For those who have the right weather, throwing an outdoor bash will keep the kids happy and minimize the mess in your home! These backyard birthday party ideas are a great place for you to start your next celebration.

Unicorns are a popular magical creature that children adore. Why not build a birthday party themed around these majestic creatures? In addition to them, you can add other magical elements that will allow you to find plenty of exciting decorations and party gifts for the guests.

If star-shaped bubble wands aren’t what your kids are into, you might consider a carnival theme. Kids and adults alike enjoy carnivals, so why not bring some of that same fun to your backyard? You can set up several little stations and employ some of the other parents to help you.

Great ideas for your carnival party include a bean bag toss and cotton candy. You can offer small prizes to the guest for playing the game rather than accomplishing the tasks if the youngsters are small. Always make sure you select age appropriate materials for homemade games. Avoiding sharp objects and other hazards will ensure that everyone has a good, safe time at the party.

Birthdays are special events, so you want to be sure that you provide the type of fun your youngster appreciates. With that in mind, if your little girl loves to throw tea parties, you can make that the theme of your event. Imagine all of the fun she will have playing tea party with her favorite people!

Whether or not you have a movie setup in your yard already, you can make a movie-night themed party that the kids are sure to love. Get several boxes large enough for the kids to fit in. Decorate them as though they are cars. Pretend like you are at an old-fashioned drive in movie. Add some popcorn, corn dogs and the right flicks for a sure winner.

In fact, you can use the car decorating as part of the party fun. You can provide the decoration materials and let each youngster make their own pretend car to take home as a personalized party favor.

Kids love to play games. So, use that to your advantage and create a party filled with games. From the three-legged race to hopscotch, children will have a blast in friendly competitions. However, if you go this route, make sure that all of the kids will enjoy this type of fun. If you have a crowd of introverts, this type of party should be saved for another time.


These backyard themes for children’s birthday parties are a great place to begin your brainstorming process. Talk to the birthday boy or girl to find out which of these ideas is most appealing. Then, you can begin your planning.

Everyone at the party is sure to have a great time thanks to your efforts!

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