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When it comes to home improvement one of the most underrated and overlooked spaces is the outdoor area. People spend a lot of time and money improving their homes from within without realizing that the outdoor space offers just as much value, if not more, and a lot more flexibility. Most homes are outfitted with decks, and you can definitely go for one, however, here are a few reasons why patios will be a far superior choice and addition to your home.

1.  Low Maintenance

Patios are generally constructed using bricks, marble, slate, concrete, and other kinds of differently durable and weather-resistant materials. Even if you were to use treated wood, its durability wouldn’t come close to stone or concrete under certain weather conditions. Not only does this increase the life of the structure, but it also reduces the maintenance costs significantly. In the unfortunate case that your wooden flooring gets damaged, the repair can be quite cumbersome and expensive. With stone flooring, you’d save yourself one hell of a headache.

2.  Extended Living Room Space

In most cases, the patio is going to be located right outside the kitchen or adjacent to the dining room. With a few sturdy seats and some umbrellas to protect against the sun and rain, it can be used as a fantastic seating area. To get the best results it’s important you start the process right, and Bristol Driveway Services states, by experience, that you can outfit your patio with all basic and desired amenities, as long as you have the right framework in place first. For example, one of the best adjustments you can make to your patio is adding an entertainment system. If you want this to be a permanent fitting, then make sure the wiring and the appliances would be well protected from water and other forms of precipitation.

3.  Budget-Friendly

Home improvement can be quite expensive. Raw materials are one problem while labor expenses can easily exceed the cost of the materials. Patios might not be a job that you can do on your own, but they are cost-effective. In fact, it has the lowest per-foot building costs of any part of the modern home. This will vary depending on the materials you use and the local availability of builders but anywhere from $5 to $15 per foot is very achievable. Doing it yourself will decrease this cost even further.

4.  Multipurpose

Since patios are made with materials that should be durable all year-round and are outdoors, the possibilities for imaginative design are endless. You can use this space for sports nights or family matches, stargazing, a bonfire on a cold night, or just a spot for Sunday breakfast with the family. Also, you can kit it out with all your favorite amenities. Set your BBQ stand there and cover it with a waterproof cover so it is ready to use anytime.


With people now spending more time at home and often doing their work from home, it can be quite draining to be working indoors all the time. Working from home gives you the freedom to be wherever you want while you work. The patio could be a great place to work when the weather is right. There are no distractions, there is plenty of light and fresh air and there is lots of space to walk around in while you take a break. If you are looking for a home upgrade, a patio should be your top priority


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