It would be easy to write off this year and wait for 2021. Many people will do this because of the ongoing uncertainty. However, they’ll get to next year, look back and realize how much time they wasted not moving forward in their lives.

Avoid making the mistake of losing time. Make the positive changes that you know you’ll enjoy or benefit from this year and turn a difficult year into a happier one. It certainly beats the alternative!

Here are 4 suggestions for worthwhile house upgrades for this year.

Replace the Older Windows

windowIf you noticed last winter that there was a draft originating from around the windows, then that’s a tell-tale sign that they’ve seen their last cold spell.

What homeowners forget is that window replacements help your bottom line over time. While they cost money upfront, the savings in lower heating (or cooling) expenses due to better quality windows is invaluable.

Also, the reduced energy bill continues throughout their life while providing a more consistent temperature in the home too.

Backyard Oasis

When your backyard didn’t come with a covered patio, providing a shaded place to sit and protection from momentary drizzles, isn’t it time you had it added to the property? It is far more functional than a covered conservatory too.


The patio can provide you with a place to sit and relax while watching over the kids playing in the backyard together. Catch up with friends or have a cookout using the BBQ that’s built into the outdoor kitchen.

Create your backyard oasis. It can be your quiet respite from the outside world and expand the living space of your home too.

Put in a New Kitchen

For homes with older kitchens sporting cabinetry from the 90s or something a little more modern but fairly beat up, then looking to remodel the kitchen is a great summer project.

Certainly, it’s possible to change the countertops alone or to replace a cooking appliance or two, but the older or the worse state the kitchen is in, the less difference this will make. Ultimately, a few cosmetic changes might not create the end result that you’re looking for. In which case, it’s all or nothing.

Creating a Dining Experience

indoor remodeling

If your household still manages to bring the family together for an evening meal, then the dining experience is one that is important to you. As such, it makes sense to put attention into the dining area to turn it into a special place. 

Consider adding a new dining table as the centerpiece of the room. The chair should be equally fitting and comfortable. Elsewhere, pay attention to the shade of paint on the walls to change things up. Hang up some interesting artwork or still photography to give the space an artistic feel.

Each suggestion above is based around turning a space into something more livable and enjoyable. At a time when you’re likely to be spending more time than usual at home, isn’t it sensible to make it as comfortable as possible?



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