Nowadays, preserving the environment is paramount to the future of our planet. The truth is, we’re burning through our natural resources faster and faster, with no end truly in sight. If we, as a society, want to leave Earth in a hospitable and habitable condition for our children, we need to be more conscious than ever about the choices we make in our homes and our daily lives. Here are a few tips to “greenify” your home.

1. Replace that HVAC Unit

If you want to be as energy-efficient as possible in your home, you need to consider going geothermal. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the stable temperature of the water deep within the Earth to both heat and cool your home. These systems are considerably more efficient than a traditional HVAC unit and can cut down on your monthly energy bill by 75%! Considering heating and cooling costs represent over 50% of your monthly energy costs, this is a nice chunk of change going back into your pocket. Not to mention, the lack of carbon monoxide emissions will help you sleep better at night, knowing you’re doing your part to save the environment.

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2. Solar Water Heater

Harnessing the power of the sun makes sense when talking about conserving fossil fuels and cutting down on emissions. The nearly limitless power provided by our sun is efficient, cheap, and best of all, extremely clean. Obviously, this won’t be as effective if you live in Seattle, or a city with a similar affinity for uncertain weather. Given the amount of energy your traditional water heater uses though, anyone who can do so should consider a solar water heater.

3. Seal your Home

Many homes are fraught with air leaks that drive up the usage of energy. Of course, this increased energy use leads to increased emissions and energy costs on your monthly bill. So, do yourself a favor and reseal your home. These leaks occur most frequently near doors and windows, so start there.

4. Add Insulation

“It turns out that about half the homes in the United States are underinsulated.” That quote, via Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy, is an eye-opening reality for homeowners. If you want to cut down on energy use, take steps to keep more of your air in your house. Namely, add insulation.

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