One of the first things for which could be a very useful part of your house is your deck. Here is a series of descriptions of five beautiful decks that you might want to add to your house.

Deck #1

Our first deck is perfect for you if you would like to have an enclosed space in which to eat, work or play games. The floor is made of black boards that balance perfectly against the white of the skylights. All of the windows are covered with brown blinds except for the tops, which allow the sun to shine through and provide a stunning lighting effect. The deck is also above the ground, making the view of the surrounding trees one that you’ll really want!


Deck #2

This one, on the other hand, is of the open-view type. The wood is of an attractive burnt sienna color, and the deck itself is pleasantly spacious. It has a bench and a table with an umbrella. The only drawback that it really has is being on a property that is crowded by neighboring houses which block what might otherwise be a magnificent view.


Deck #3

The third deck has beautiful wooden white rails and it overlooks a beautiful garden with a beautiful green garden. The trees are absolutely magnificent. Best of all is that the deck extends far enough beyond the house in one direction to allow for maximum enjoyment of this view. What a nice place to sit down for dinner with your family.


Deck #4

Here is the deck that offers the most resplendent view so far — and also the first that has a surrounding rail. In this photo, we are shown the view from the side of the house, in the direction of the stairs. The whole area looks like a golf course. It is certainly a great place to play lawn games such as croquet and boccie ball. There are also potted plants on the deck itself, including the vivid pink roses on the glass table. This is what I call simplicity in the extreme.


Deck #5

This deck is like an addition to a house. It is open but yet still outdoors. The boards are varying shades of brown — mostly light — while the railing is white with thick pillars. The view of the deck is taken up from inside. The windows are screened. A person sitting on the deck would get the impression that he or she was in nature.


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