Your homes patio or deck can be turned into a place where your family spends quality time together. It can be where you relax, barbeque, or just hang out. Many homes have patios and decks but so few families actually use them. This article gives you 5 easy tips that you can use to make the most out of your homes patio or deck.


Tip 1: Make Necessary Repairs

If you are avoiding your homes deck or patio because it needs to be repaired you can simply repair it to make the most of it. Fix leaking roofs or awnings. Replace rotted boards or cracked pavers. Brink your deck or patio back to life so you can use and enjoy the space.


Tip 2: Stain You Deck or Patio

Many homeowners don’t like their decks or patios because the wood looks dull, worn, etc. If you really want to make the most of your homes deck or patio consider staining and waterproofing it. It will help it to look so much better and will also help to protect it. When the wood is protected it will last several years longer than if it is not. Begin by sanding the deck or patio thoroughly. Sweep or vacuum off the excess dust. Choose a stain color that you love and apply it with a cloth mop. Rub it on in a circular motion then quickly wipe off all excess stain. When you have finished look at the color. If you love it move on the water proofer. If not, apply a second coat of stain. Water proffer can also be applied using a cloth mop.

Tip 3: Paint and Decorate

Add a fresh coat of paint to all painted surfaces. This will brighten up your deck or patio and will make the space look brand new. If the old paint is cracked or peeling you’ll need to sand it all of before adding a new coat. Once you have repainted consider adding potted plants or trees to decorate the area. You’ll be surprised at how painting and decorating can transform a boring, dull looking area into a welcoming, wonderful place to spend time.


Tip 4: Add a Barbeque Grill

What’s better than a family BBQ? Everyone loves to barbeque and if you add a barbeque grill to your homes patio or deck you can really make the most of that space. BBQ grills are available in charcoal or propane. Choose a grill that you love and place it on your newly stained patio.

Tip 5: Add Furniture

When your deck or patio is all finished you’ll be sure to want to have friends and family over. When they come you’ll want to have tables, and seating available. Lawn chairs, porch swings, lounges, etc. are all affordable seating options which can be used in addition to a table and chair set. Outdoor seating is available at most department stores, or home improvement stores. You will be able to choose from a wide array of styles and colors. Choose different pieces that all blend together.



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