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A bay window is one choice that still stays common amongst many homeowners today, even though it has an intrinsically traditional style, which also provides a ton of incredible panoramic external view.

That’s why you hardly see homeowners who replace these windows even though they are quite hoary and antique; rather they prefer to stick to the bay windows.

If you are part of these homeowners in this “tea party” that believe the bay windows are too classy to be replaced, you’re totally not out of place, after all, they are classy.

However, you can still have the best of both worlds of “classy and new.” Oh Yes! You can, by upgrading your bay windows.

To help you get a clearer picture about some of the likelihoods obtainable when upgrading the bay windows in your home, we’ve put together for you 5 pertinent questions worth asking.

Bow Or Bay?

This is the first question to ask when upgrading your bay windows. Are you truly upgrading to bay windows or bow windows?

This is because they both look closely alike and you may not be able to detect which is which when you decide to go shopping. That’s why it’s good for you to go with your installer who would help you in choosing exactly what you want.

However, for your information, bow windows have a slight difference from bay windows, because of their curved shape.

Apparently, you could switch from bow to bay, if you’d love a slight change. The choice is yours!

Double Glazing?

Most of the ancient and mundane bay windows found in historical homes usually come with single glazing.

The bay windows with single glazing have a lot of issues with poor insulation and draughts are absolutely unavoidable.

Thus, it’s wise to get the bay windows with double glazing, which obviously is advancement from the single glazing windows.

These double blazing windows give more warmth during cold and are more energy efficient.

What Type Of Glass Style?

It’s important to note that the glass type you decide to use for your bay windows will definitely make a huge difference and determine largely the outcome you’d get from them.

Do you want to increase your security level? Then, you’d need to get a toughened glass for your bay windows, because they are 5 times more solid than any standard glass of the same depth.

If you are looking to make a statement with style, then you should be looking at getting textured glass patterns.

You could also look out for glass that has a self-cleaning function, which would help you reduce the level of maintenance.

Modern Or Traditional?

Of course, the bay windows have their source firmly set in the past. However, they can be easily modernized to meet the 21st-century trend, feel, and taste.

This can be accomplished by blending a color uPVC with the perfect glass combination, which will seamlessly merge the traditional with the modern.

A New Style To Color?

In the past, the only color available for uPVC was white, but these days we find a ton of varieties to pick from, which are beautiful and eye-grabbing.

A large variety of colors allow homeowners to have a long list of choices to make in other to personalize their home to their taste.

Final Thought

With the option of upgrading your bay windows, you’d not need to replace it with any other window type you’re not comfortable with.

You can still maintain that classical touch with a modern look and feel. Getting a professional installer is also an important ingredient to getting the perfect bay windows upgraded in your home.




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