(Texas) Home Renovation Projects to Boost Your Investment


Starting a home renovation project can be challenging in terms of costs, time, and patience. But, if you take the time to conduct detailed research and plan your requirements, you’ll soon have a beautiful, functional home. Lack of proper planning can result in complete chaos when trying to coordinate the efforts of different contractors. Here are a few of the critical mistakes that homeowners must avoid for a streamlined project. 

  1. Not Creating a Detailed Plan of Action or Talking to Contractors

Before finalizing contracts, take the time to connect with at least three to four architects, interior designers, kitchen or bath specialty contractors, decorators, and others. As you discuss your expectations and possible costs, you’ll develop a more realistic idea of what to expect when doing the home renovation along with the time frame and the different steps involved. Work with people who are patient with your questions and open to providing information. Rely on expert opinions rather than opinions and advice from friends and family.

  1. Not Estimating the Budget 

Going over your budget is a real possibility, so keep a close watch on the expenses. Expect to spend around 20% more than your original estimate, so it helps to have this cushion in case you overspend. You might encounter unexpected issues with the project that need added cash. At the same time, focus on high-grade products and fixtures when it comes to things that are used more often than others. Like, for instance, kitchen cabinets that you’ll open and close dozens of times, or the living room furniture where the family will spend the most time.

  1. Overlooking a Roof Inspection

Considering that your roof protects the entire home from leakage, water damage, wood rot, and mold, one of the first steps when renovating is to get an inspection. Call in certified roofing contractors who’ll examine your interiors and identify signs of moisture and water stains on the ceiling and walls. They’ll also ensure that the roof provides adequate ventilation and insulation. If needed, you might receive recommendations for repairing the flashing or replacing old and worn out tiling. A new roof can add to your house’s curb appeal thanks to the exciting collection of colors, designs, and finishings, now available.

  1. Not Including Patio Repairs

When you’re undertaking a home renovation, make sure to include patio repairs and upgrades in the project. While you can take care of tasks like killing weeds growing in the joints and cleaning mold in the shaded areas, it is always preferable to call in the experts to replace broken pavers or heaved concrete or build a patio cover. If you see the mortar popping out of brick floors, that’s an indication that the base needs extensive repairs. In case you have a wooden patio, look out for spongy wood and discolorations that might require replacement or restaining.

  1. Choosing the Trendiest of Designs

Now that you’re renovating your home, you’ll want to choose the trendiest of designs that lend a contemporary ambiance. However, it is advisable to stress on longevity and functionality that also combines lasting style elements. Considering that trends change quickly, you might find that the house decor looks dated after a while. If you hope to sell the house, finding a buyer and getting back your investment might not be easy.


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