If there’s a room in your home that you want to make more inviting, there are several simple ways to brighten up the space. The way you decorate an area can make a huge difference in the feeling you get when you enter the room. Here are a few tips that will help.

Add a Few Plants

One of the best ways to make a dim or dreary room look a little more upbeat is to add potted plants. This makes it easier to breathe in the room and make the space appear more peaceful and welcoming. If the room doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, choose plants that thrive in this environment, like ferns, bromeliads and spider plants. It’s also a good idea to choose pots that are bright in color, or choose pots in metallic shades to make the plants even more attractive.

Add Mirrors

Putting some mirrors in the room will make the room more expansive and give the space a brighter feel. If the room is particularly narrow, a mirror that goes from the floor to the ceiling is an ideal addition to the room, as it will make any light that enters the room much more noticeable. You can also place a number of small mirrors on the main wall of the room to create a tile or mosaic design that is both visually appealing and light-reflective.

Take Away the Clutter

Clutter in a room immediately makes it unappealing. If the room is already naturally dim, piling it with items will make the room look even smaller and darker. Eliminate the clutter by installing shelves in the closet to store more items and using small furniture in the room. In place of a large sofa or armchair, large bean bags or throw pillows for the floor provide comfortable seating and don’t take up too much space in the room. A small shelf against the wall is also ideal for storing books or displaying figurines.

Paint the Walls a Light Color

The lighter the walls are in a room, the larger the room looks. A bright hue also makes the room cheerier, even if the space doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight. Try a pastel color that matches the furniture and accessories in the room. For instance, if the room has gray or off-white furniture, a pastel shade like lavender or pistachio is ideal. Of course, painting the room white is the lightest shade of all, and provides you with a blank canvas to decorate the room in any color you want.


Add Quality Lighting

Of course, a dark room needs light in order to appear brighter. Purchase light bulbs for the room that are brighter than the ones you’re currently using, as well as light fixtures that are made from clear glass, as frosted or colored glass could make the lightbulb appear dimmer. Elaborate light fixtures like chandeliers are also a great decorative choice, as the chandelier will emit lots of light to brighten up the space immediately.

Bring more attention to the windows as well, so you’ll be prompted to let as much natural light into the room as possible. Add curtains in a metallic shade, as well as blinds in a light color to maintain an expansive look in the room.

Smaller rooms and rooms without much light can be depressing in a way, and spending time there isn’t really comfortable. Making a room look brighter not only makes it more comfortable to be spending time in, but it also has benefits for your overall being.


About the Author: Alissa Young is a freelance writer with a passion for interior and exterior design, and home improvement projects. She occasionally writes for Meadowbrookpointe – she gets a lot of inspiration for her writing there.

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