Small kitchens require smart organization that makes efficient use of space. Kitchen organization solutions that multitask, are affordable, and look attractive are definite bonuses. Here are five ways to organize your small kitchen that maximizes the space and fit into any decor.

Under the Self Basket

kitchen organizer basketYour small kitchen may not have a ton of cabinets or drawer space, but you can easily increase the storage available on the shelves you do have with these baskets. These white wire racks slide onto your kitchen shelves, providing room for items such as foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and even food storage lids. They’re sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the racks flipping or falling off your shelves.

Spice Gripper Clip Strips

spice gripper

Figuring out where to store spices in a small kitchen is a challenge, since counter space is usually taken up and there are few free drawers and cabinets that can be devoted to spices. DecoBros spice gripper clip strips solve this problem by turning the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors into efficient spice holders that display all of your seasonings without taking up much space. Each set of six strips — which comes with two black, two white, and two red –holds up to 30 spice jars. You can use the adhesive backing by itself, or use the screws included with the strips for extra security.

Sink Shelf

sink selfIf you want to squeeze every inch of storage possible out of your kitchen, don’t forget the area above your sink. This black expandable metal sink shelf not only looks great, it’s highly functional and can be used a variety of ways. Place your sponges, dish soap, and cleaning supplies on it, or use it to hold kitchen decor and give your cooking space a touch of style.

Pan Organizer

pan organizerIt’s difficult trying to neatly stack pans in any size kitchen, especially a small one. They tip over, look messy, and it’s a pain attempting to quickly find the one you need. This black Rubbermaid pan organizer is an ingenious solution for small kitchens, as it allows pans to sit neatly without looking a mess. Even better, you can simply slip one out when you need to use it without disturbing the others. This compact organizer can be used in just about any cabinet, on a shelf, or even on a baking rack or counter if you have the space.

Wall Mounted Organizer with Utility Hooks

kitchen wall organizerKitchen hooks are handy and wall mounted shelves hold a wide range of supplies, making each very useful. Combine the two and you have a super smart organizational tool that can fit in any small kitchen. This stainless steel organizer has six utility hooks, which can hold everything from pot holders to aprons, tea towels, and cooking utensils. It also has a basket that can be used to store kitchen cleaning items, food storage materials, spices, kitchen linens, or even fruits and veggies.

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