7 Cool Home Improvement Trends


When a person is looking to make home improvements there are some new and great looking trends that they cannot ignore. These trends are easy to do and great for any home improvement project.

Solar Shutters

These shutters can be used to block sun from getting into the home on a hot day. They also gather energy. This energy can be fed through a special plug into the electric outlet. The shutters produce 500 watts an hour which is enough to power a small appliance. On the outside, they are a woody color and contain solar panels to gather the sunlight.

High-End Laminate Countertop

These laminate designs are made to look like granite or marble. To the untrained eye, no one will be able to tell the difference. The laminate designs are more affordable and look like natural stone. They even have the same feel to them.

Screen Garage Doors

If the garage is used for storage more than anything a screen door can be installed. These screens have their own tracks so a person can still use the existing doors. There is also an opening where a person can go in and out. This will allow air circulation in the garage.

Solar Water Heater

These hot water heaters can help a person save money and get a tax credit. The tanks of the heater will use the sun light and will provide the same amount of water as the electric or propane systems.

Corner Cabinets

It seems there is not enough space in the kitchen. These corner cabinets will allow a person to use the corner space for storage. Each cabinet has three shelves that pull out and are easy to use.

Pine Floors

These floors use real pine wood and are beautiful. There are natural markings in the wood. Pine is sub sustainable and will allow the person to have a beautiful wooden floor while being Earth friendly.

Triple Fuel Furnace

This furnace uses electric, oil , and wood. The furnace will burn the wood and then use other sources of fuel.

These are some trendy ways for home improvement. They can make the home look great and give it a modern look.

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