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We all love to get little tricks to make things easier and doing DIY is no different, especially if it saves you from having to repeat the process. Here are a few great hints, tips and hacks to make your DIY around the house a little easier.

Straight Nails

Using an old jam lid that has been pierced to hold tails in place while you hammer them in – just think, no more wonky nails or bruised fingers!

Less Mess When Spraying

If you need to spray paint some brackets or planking without getting the spray pain anywhere else then look no further than a large cardboard box. Stand the cardboard box on end and remove the top flaps or tape them back, you can then either cut a small hole in the top to hang or dangle the brackets through or you can prop them up on the inside of the box. Don your mask and gloves and get to painting!

Space Saving Ideas

Are you a little short on space in your garage and unable to fit a table in there all the time? That can be a nuisance for those little odds and ends jobs that require a sturdy surface – why not try a drop down table?

Caulk Perfectly Every Time

If you’re in need of some perfectly straight caulking lines then you’ll need to try using two strips of painters tape and have a damp cloth at the ready. Apply the tape to either side of where you want the caulking to go make sure it’s well stuck down. Apply the caulking and smooth with one finger until you have an even application. Gently pull up the tape while the caulk is still wet and use the damp rag to remove any excess or overspill.

Cleaning Fittings

Have you been a little overzealous with the paintbrush? Well don’t worry there’s a way to clean paint off all those metal hinges, latches and screws without having to relegate yourself to the garden shed so no one gets overwhelmed by paint stripper fumes. Using an old slow cooker (as some paints may stain the pot) fill it with water and the metal pieces that you need the paint removed from, let the pot simmer overnight – the paint should fall off but if it doesn’t scrub at it with a stiff plastic brush as soon as you pull it from the water and you’ll be greeted with shiny, paint free metal.

Within Easy Reach

If you have to scramble to find the right sized screw or nail, why not use a plastic shoe organizer to sort them into? Each pocket can be clearly labeled as well as you being easily able to see what colors you have available and when you are running out.

Clean Up Duty

One of the tiresome things about painting is having to masking tape around pieces of furniture too big to be moved – or covering them in a newspaper which can lead to inky smudges everywhere. Why not try wrapping them in cling film instead? This way when the paint dries you can easily peel off the cling film and you’re left with paint free furniture and no sticky marks or inky smudges. Brilliant.




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