The greatest desire for those of us who are lucky enough to have a lawn is to wake up every morning and be greeted by a beautiful sight of colored plants. However, for plants to grow into beautiful, healthy life forms they need to be regularly weeded, watered, pruned and a whole lot of other things. A working class couple does not have time to carry out all these activities and may not have enough money to pay someone who will look after the plants. Thankfully, Mother Nature gave us plants that need little to no maintenance.

1. Roman Chamomile

roman chamomile houston txNot only does this plant require no maintenance, but it also releases an apple like fragrance. The Roman Chamomile will do well in sunny regions, but it will also thrive in partly dark areas. The soil should be well drained regardless of the season. The plant has the capability to withstand regular foot traffic, and it will spread rapidly in ideal conditions.

2. Creeping baby’s breath

creeping babys breath houston txThe plant blossoms to produce ruffled pink blooms. The tiny leaves give it a ferny appearance, and the whole plant is ideal for edging paths. For it to grow well, it requires good drainage and morning to all day sunshine. Heavy foot traffic will destroy it but in the absence of it, the plant will spread to between 6 and 10 inches every year.

3. Creeping speedwell

creeping speedwell houston txSunshine creeping speedwell will be lovely to those who want that bright shade of yellow in their gardens. Its golden leaves will sparkle in the areas with little light, and blue blooms will open just about every summer. They are not intrusive as they only grow to about 8 inches annually and will tolerate some foot traffic. It also requires well-drained soils.

4. Black Scallop Bugleweed

black scallop bugleweed houston txIt is near black leaves hug the earth, the plant in general forms a thick covering that does not allow the growth of weeds. The plant requires good drainage to help it spread at a rate of between 6 to 10 inches in a year. The Black Scallop Bugleweed is prone to crown rot, but it can withstand moderate foot traffic.

5. Hardy Ice Plant

hardy ice plant houston txThe Hardy Ice is a plant whose beauty is realized in the summer when it’s beautiful fluorescent pink flowers come to bask. While it may not tolerate any foot traffic, it is highly tolerant to drought, and it requires well-drained soils even in winter. The leaves of this plant will develop a red color in fall and winter. The plant is, therefore, beautiful regardless of the season.


6. Cerastium tomentosum

cerastium tomentosum houston txAlso known as snow-in-summer is a plant that will be blanketed by its white blooms, between late summer and early winter. It will thrive in poorly drained soils, full sun and will spread at a rapid rate of 12 inches or more annually. It does not do well in foot traffic.


7. Buffalo grass

buffalo grass houston txIt is a kind of grass that spreads by runners. Due to its low maintenance requirements, it is a great option for your lawn. Moderate foot traffic, heat, and drought have petite effect on it, but it will die in sandy soils. It is advisable to mow it in late winter and early spring to kick off the new growing season. You should however never cut it shorter than 3 inches.

Mother Nature’s solutions to beautiful lawns with low-maintenance are listed above. You, therefore, have no excuse to have an untidy yard.

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