common household problems
Be it the squeaky doors, or the rusted kitchen sink, every household has the same old problems. The right maintenance can help but with time, some things just won’t be as good as before. But with some basic tricks, you can actually fight these problems too.

Here goes seven tips that can help you overcome your household issues like a pro.

Don’t let that rust eat your sink up

Rust takes its place in and out of your sink when you allow it. So, if, you keep cleaning your sink every day, or alternate days, the rust won’t be there in the first place, least you need to clean it up.

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda, however, works wonders in cleaning up rust on sinks.

Floor scrapes on hardwood? Just hide them

You can use stain makers to hide basic scratches on the floor. In case of deeper scrapes, paste wax is a great option. You only need to rub the material and then polish if off. Scrapes are all hidden.

Fix up the leaky faucet

Sometimes by just replacing the O-ring or cartridge of the faucet, the leaking can be fixed. All you need is to do a little research and find out which would work well, or may be fixing with spare parts can do it well too.

Mend the vinyl tile

To repair a vinyl tile, you only need an adhesive, applying it on the tile using heat and tiling it up on the floor with a knife. One tip is to start at the corners at first, and then gradually move towards the center.

Mute the squeaky doors

With time, your doors would not be the same as before. They wouldn’t close down smoothly and could make a lot of sounds at times.

Use any of these – paraffin oil, petroleum jelly, butter, cooking oil, or a bar soap, and apply it on the hinge pin of the door that’s making the noise. And, that will silence your squeaky doors.

Release the fireplace damper

You can easily clean your fireplace damper by using a firm wire brush. However don’t forget taking some safety precautions such as wearing safety goggles, while doing the cleaning.

Repair the doorbell if it’s not working

Don’t worry if you have a doorbell that is not working. You don’t need to buy a new one if you find your old one not working as it should.

To fix a doorbell, just open up the machine, and remove the button, disconnecting the wires. If the bell rings on touching those wires, then all you need is a replacement of the set.

It’s easy to overcome some of the problems which you think are huge. All you need is to apply the right tricks at the right places.

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