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Planning your home renovation is exciting and overwhelming. Unfortunately, certain elements can easily be overlooked during the renovation process. For instance, if your house is several decades old, chances are its original builders didn’t plan or include central air conditioning. While windows and doors can regulate the heating and cooling of your house, they are not convenient and cannot cool the entire house.

You should consider retrofitting your old house with a central AC system during renovation. This can’t be done by renovation contractors, and you should hire ductless air conditioning installation in Houston . Below are a few questions to help you determine if including an HVAC unit during renovation is a good decision.

Does the Renovation Project Include the Demolition of the Home’s Interior?

Ductwork installation is probably the most difficult part of installing central air conditioning into an old house. When building a new house, construction experts typically follow designs that include convenient space for ductwork between floors. However, in old homes, HVAC installers should find ways of installing a central unit into the existing structure without causing a lot of disruption.

If your intended renovations include significant demolition of your home’s interior, you should easily add a central air conditioning unit. Demolishing interior walls and floors makes it easy to route AC ductwork. Pairing your renovations with an AC upgrade allows you to enjoy the benefits of HVAC units without much hassle.

Does the Absence of HVAC Affect the Value of Your Property?

Most homeowners are motivated to renovate to increase the value of their properties. While some renovation projects won’t recoup the entire cost, these additions can help you reduce your financial burden. Even then, modernizing a few components isn’t enough. For instance, the benefits of a modern floor or kitchen plan can be held back by the lack of creature comfort, such as air conditioning.

With Houston’s generally warm climate, most homebuyers expect or prefer properties with HVAC systems that can make their homes comfortable during the hottest months. Large windows are not effective and can affect the curb appeal. Installing an air conditioner can make your property stand out, especially in areas with old neighborhoods.

Do You Want the Benefits of Zoned Cooling?

A zoned cooling system can drastically improve your comfort if you anticipate additional square footage in your house after renovation. Large living rooms, bedrooms, and other open areas cannot be cooled effectively by portable air conditioners or window units. You should install a central air conditioner to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the building.

Zoned cooling is also an excellent way of lowering your utility bills. Typically, a zoned system allows homeowners to maintain different temperatures in various rooms. As such, HVAC systems won’t consume energy to cool rooms that aren’t occupied. These energy-efficient gains can offset HVAC costs commonly associated with large homes.


The best time to install an air conditioner in your old home is during renovation. If the renovation project adds square footage to your home, window units and portable air conditioners won’t provide sufficient cooling. However, like other renovation projects, ensure that you get a quote for the total costs. If installing a central HVAC unit is cost-prohibitive, you should consider alternatives like a mini-split system.


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