When it comes to carpet cleaning there are innumerable methods that are adopted by professionals.They can broadly be divided into wet or steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Both has its own advantages and disadvantages even though the advantages of steam cleaning outweigh that offered by others.  Let us have a quick look at the advantage of steam cleaning

* Steam cleaning produces a very high temperature of steam that goes deep into the fiber of the carpet and soaks all the dust and dirt that has accumulated. Thus the carpet can be thoroughly cleaned using this method.
* In this method, the steam gets equally distributed onto the carpet but only a little amount is absorbed by the carpet fiber. This small amount of steam is sufficient to clear the carpet of its dirt. This make sure that the carpet does not remain wet as in the case of conventional cleaning.
* One of the main advantage of steam cleaning is that it does not make use of any chemicals for cleaning the carpet which is not the case with other methods. In conventional method, the cleaning agents that are used might cause allergic reactions in pets and kids. Here steam is the only agent that is used for cleaning the carpet.
* The latest buzz word in all aspect of our life is eco-friendliness. Since steam cleaning relies on pure water for cleaning and do not make use of any chemicals, it is considered to be 100% eco friendly.
The result of steam cleaning lasts for a longer period of time thus bringing down the need to frequently clean the carpet.
* Last but not the least, scientific studies have shown that steam cleaning is the best and safest method that can be adopted for removing germs and other dirt from the carpet without affecting its quality.



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