Annoying Things About Buying A Home And How To Avoid Them


Buying a home is an investment and a big decision. It should be cause for celebration and yet many homebuyers can be seen tearing their hair out. It turns out that the home buying process consists of many challenges and hidden annoyances, that people are not prepared for.

Annoying Things About Buying A Home And How To Avoid Them

Knowing what these unpleasant surprises are may just be the only way you get through the buying process in one piece. If you want to celebrate your new purchase, take note of what to expect so you can be prepared for every possible surprise.

#1. Hidden Costs

One of the most annoying things about getting a new house is falling in love with one and then discovering all the hidden costs. You found a house in your budget, you made the sacrifices to save, and it is perfect. Then comes the initial deposit in the form of a giant hurdle. Then another hurdle appears in the form of bond registration, and then another (prepaid electricity deposits), and another (moving costs), and so on. After this and any replacements or repairs, your price ends up being much more than the asking price you agree upon. Unfortunately, most buyers do not stumble across this until after the deals have been made. The solution to protecting you from this vortex of costs includes the following tips:

  • Don’t purchase a house using your entire budget.
  • Do some rough forecasting beforehand including how much it may cost to do some initial upgrades to the house;
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your bank, real estate agent, or bond originator to help you do calculations.

#2: Hidden Sellers

It can often seem unbelievable when you find that one home that meets every need and want. Is it a dream? To make sure, you schedule the visit. But you cannot get hold of the sellers. Are they not serious about selling the house? Sellers that do not maintain communication with buyers are very frustrating. When you have made the choice to buy, you want to get moving and a lack of response can be disappointing. Sellers that play hard to get are also frustrating. After all, this is not a game for you. To avoid this, you can work with a reputable real estate agent to help facilitate viewing times and other communication. They can handle the negotiations for you so you can keep on living and moving forward with your buying goals.

#3: Hidden Tasks

Buyers have a lot on their plate. All that paperwork, packing, and moving arrangements. Any unnecessary work on top of this can be just what sends a buyer over the edge. Hidden tasks commonly include leftover stacks of crates in a garage, paint cans, and full garbage cans. Additionally, a house that is void of essentials like toilet roll holders, curtain rails, and light bulbs is a frustration. Having to perform additional tasks on top of moving is a nightmare. To avoid this frustration:

  • Make sure to discuss this with the moving company ahead of time, so if/when the time comes, they can help you to remove unwanted goods off to the dump for a small extra fee.
  • As for missing essentials, keep your eyes open during your final walk-through before you move in, so you can deal with it proactively.


Buying a home is the ultimate American dream. And in so many cases it becomes a real nightmare. Many new buyers admit that for every high point, there are plenty of lows that leave them grumpy. To make sure you’re mentally prepared, keep these top frustrations in mind and plan ahead. Knowing what you are up against will limit how frustrating these hidden things will be. And you can make your home buying process closer to the dream it is supposed to be.


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