1. A concrete walkway leads to a free standing pavilion that provides a pleasant place to enjoy the outdoors. The neat wooden table that is sitting beneath the latticed structure provides a nice spot for a picnic or get-together. It’s also a place where you can soak in the majesty of the huge, crystal lake beyond you as you read a book or have coffee. The koi pond is a unique landscaping element that provides a sense of peace and tranquility. The water is surrounded by greenery and a stone border to give it a scenic and beautiful look. It provides a serene escape for those who love being outside.


  1. The comfortable, cushioned chairs are a cozy spot to enjoy the warmth of the outdoor fireplace. The stone fireplace allows you to be able to enjoy your backyard year-round. Even in the cool of the fall and winter, you can stay toasty warm in the comfort of the flickering fire. The outdoor fireplace is a neat focal point for the patio and makes it seem neat and put together. The stunning stone structure of the fireplace makes it a unique and aesthetic component to a patio.



  1. This patio looks like a comfortable spot for outdoor entertainment. Complete with candles, a luxurious sofa, and a hanging wicker chair, this deck is perfect for hanging out or stargazing. The decking is made of beautiful wood paneling. It completes the space and is what makes it functional for outdoor living and entertainment. The tans and chestnut colors of the deck contrast exquisitely with the deep greens of the rural countryside. The whole set-up has a western, homey feel and a charming view.



  1. This whimsical garden looks like it came straight out of a scene in a book. Lined with a silver pergola, the garden has many distinctive and fantastic elements. The pergola provides shade and acts as a unique walkway to enter. The hazel dividers are strategically placed to separate different areas in the garden. The division of the plots give the patch depth and make it seem larger than it really is. Picnic tables sit in the midst of the clearing. You can sit at a chair and bask in the beauty of the flowering nature around you. The garden is an extravagant space that can become a getaway in your own backyard.



  1. This outdoor living room looks like a hub for backyard entertainment and celebrations. The area includes an outdoor fireplace that can be gathered around to enjoy a cool, summer night. It also includes a stylish and modern light fixture that adds a decorative element. A cozy seating area is set up for family and friends to enjoy. Also, a barbecue grill stands nearby for outdoor cooking. The covering or roof above the space is probably the best design component. It not only adds a nice look to the set-up, but provides shade for those hot, blistering days. Rock structures and colorful trees surround the outdoor living room and make it an excellent spot to relish in nature.




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