(Texas Patio Builder) The Benefits of Single Story Homes

The popularity of single-story homes has grown over the last decade and many new housing developments showcase these over two-story homes. Most home buyers look for homes with multiple stories, but there are advantages to going with a single-story home. Whether you are looking to build a new home or in the market to buy, the reasons below will have you thinking single over double.

The Benefits of Single Story Homes

No Stairs Means No Problems

One of the number one selling points for single story homes in the absence of stairs. This is beneficial for parents with young children as well as aging adults or those who have mobility issues. Stairs also make for added challenges when it comes to moving in and out. As your children get older having multiple floors may be advantageous in terms of privacy, but for young families, having each room on the same floor is convenient and economical. Single-story homes can have just as much space as multi-story homes but with the added convenience of having every room on the same level.

Nothing Like Wide Open Spaces

The most common misconception about single-story homes is that they lack the space of dual level homes. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, single-story homes can have more space as the rooms can floor into one another without stairs or barriers taking up space. Ceilings also get to be higher and leave options for skylights to naturally brighten your living spaces. Wide open spaces and natural sunlight are the two best and easiest ways to make a home look and feel bigger.

Variety is Everything

The beauty of single-story homes is that they can be designed in a number of ways and layouts can be pretty much however you want. Without the restrictions of needing stairs and load-bearing walls for the upper levels, you can design the single-story house how you want. This makes single story homes unique and full of character, which is another reason they are becoming increasingly popular. They are also more economical when it comes to energy use.


Single-story homes are no longer the less desired option in living. If you want a house with wide open space and room to grow, this is your best option and we can help you get there. With construction experience and all the resources you need, we can help you design and build the single-story house of your dreams.

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