Choosing The Best Place For Your Lifestyle In Texas


Choosing where to live is always a big decision. Balancing work, personal needs, and happiness are all part of the equation. The American dream is centered on freedom and this means freedom to live where you want. You have your heart set on Texas, but where are the best places to live in the state? There is more to Texas than cowboys, country music, and horseback riding. You also get starry nights, low state taxes, good weather, and affordable housing. Using statistics, school and employment info, housing trends, and activities, these are the top spots to live in Texas.

Choosing The Best Place For Your Lifestyle In Texas

#1 Austin

Known as perhaps the most unique city, Austin is the capital and sits deep in the heart of Texas. Austin is the greenest urban area of the state and ranked top among the best foodie cities. Austin is also the seat of the state government so sits at the forefront of social and political change. There is a low unemployment rate, great schools, and affordable housing. Mostly comprised of millennials, there is always plenty to do in Austin from live music and football to vibrant nightlife.

#2 Plano

Plano features the lowest crime rate in the whole state, making it an ideal place to settle down. It also has some of the lowest taxes in the state and is famous for business growth opportunities. Local, national, and international corporations have headquarters in Plano and residents benefit from high median incomes. The city is highly diverse, top-rated for schools, and an environmentally-conscious place to live.

#3 San Antonio

The most important historical monuments live here, and so should you. Experience the perfect blend of Texan and Mexican culture in San Antonio, as this city is a diverse melting pot. Another top-ranking foodie city, San Antonio boasts great food along with recreation and history. Living here is reported as one of the most affordable urban centers and residents get the best of both city and small-town living.

#4 Round Rock

Referred to as a suburban utopia, Round Rock has been present on best places to live lists for decades. You are perfectly situated between the culture and fun of Austin and the big city vibe of Dallas. Unemployment is low and business growth potential is high. The business sector centers around engineering as Round Rock is home to Dell and IBM. Schools are always rated high, sports and recreation are abundant, and there are trails and parks galore for the outdoorsy types.

#5 The Woodlands

Not only is The Woodlands one of the best places in Texas, but it is also ranked sixth-best place to live in the country. The swankiest suburb of Houston is classy, green, and picturesque. Crime is low but the costs of living are high. The Woodlands offers everything from outdoor fun to cultural theaters. Upscale restaurants and shopping are a staple in the city and the surrounding wooded areas really make this a beautiful place to live.

# 6 Houston

One of the largest cities in Texas is also known for oil and space shuttle launches. The booming economy of this city makes it a giant among cities and home to more than 25 Fortune 500 companies. It is expensive to live here, but average income goes a long way here. Beyond the economy, Houston offers a good food culture, and one of the best healthcare systems in the country. The medical center downtown is bigger than the city of Dallas!

#7 Denton

Denton is one of the most popular cities in the Dallas metro area. Home to the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo and annual Arts and Jazz Festival, Denton is popular among locals and tourists. Women’s University and The University of Texas both live here and education is always at the forefront of the city. Denton is a diverse and culturally vibrant city with affordable housing and progressive thinking.


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