The “Bucket List” For Backyard Living



The backyard is a sanctuary for most of us and one of the most favored spots of the house. We love spending time outside in the backyard, so it is important to maintain it. Show your backyard how much it means to you with these great enhancements. With any of these top backyard “bucket list” additions, you and your yard will be living the best life.

The “Bucket List” For Backyard Living

  • All-Weather Sunroom: A sunroom is a wonderful and relaxing centerpiece for a backyard. Perfect for entertaining or as a private place for solitude all year round. You also get extra living space to enjoy and a sunroom will likely increase the value of your home by 4-6%.
  • Backyard Cantina: You can go beyond the backyard kitchen or add to it with a covered bar in your backyard. With a backyard cantina, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere and you have the place to be right there.
  • Backyard Games: Making a fun backyard can be as simple as adding a few games. Cornhole, horseshoes, volleyball, and bocce are all inexpensive and effective ways to enhance your backyard living experience.
  • Backyard Movie Screen: Create your own theater, by adding a portable movie screen & projector so you can enjoy your favorite films from the comfort of your backyard.
  • Backyard Sports Court: If you are a sports fan, you can add a basketball, tennis or volleyball court in the backyard. You can find great all-weather “sport court” surfaces in most places and these are great in terms of flexibility/safety, with minimal upkeep.
  • Deck: Adding a deck to your backyard adds value to the home, and provides an upgrade in seating arrangements. No more sitting in the grass with the bugs and itchy pollen.
  • Firepit: Another positive feng shui enhancement that also lends itself to close gatherings is a firepit. Enjoy conversation, s’mores, or cocktails around a fire pit any evening of the year.
  • Game Day Destination: Few things are more fun than being able to be outside and watch the games with friends. Add a flat-screen television to the yard, setting it up on the patio or finding a way to hang it from the side of the house.
  • Garden Hammock: Nothing will be more popular in your backyard then a nice relaxing hammock. Grab a book or drink of your choice, and relax…
  • Garden Lighting: You want to be in your backyard in the daytime and evening, so add a little lighting to make it enjoyable any time of day.
  • Outdoor Chess Board: Bigger is better, and for an affordable price, you can give your friends and family activity to keep them engaged for hours.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: There’s something magical about bringing the dining experience outside, especially when it’s done undercover in an outdoor kitchen setting. Having a small kitchen outdoors also makes it easier when entertaining guests.
  • Patio Cover: Add a patio cover to your backyard to provide shade during the summer. This makes your time outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable. The best thing about patio covers is that they come in many styles and colors, so you can match it to the decor of your backyard.
  • Pergola: One of the most popular backyard additions is a pergola as they combine style and function. You enhance the whole feel of your backyard while giving you a nice, comfortable place to relax at the same time.
  • Poolside Paradise: The perfect centerpiece of every backyard experience is a pool. If you have the room and budget, an in-ground pool is great, but if not, adding an above-ground pool will still make your backyard feel like a resort.
  • Putting Green: If you’re a golfer, this is likely to be one of the top items on your backyard bucket list. The idea of relaxing at home, while shaving strokes off your handicap, is hard to beat.
  • Secret Garden: Having a lush and green garden is a game-changer when it comes to changing the feel of your backyard. With a trip to the local nursery, you can design and put in your own luscious landscape and green garden to relax in and take care of.
  • Shed: Whatever your passion is, make room for it with a shed in the backyard. It can serve as a man cave, yoga studio, or woodworking shop. You can add in air conditioning, Internet, and any other accessories you need to make it yours.
  • Spa: It may be a pricey option, but will definitely be worth the investment. Install the spa under a small gazebo for a private oasis anytime you need it.
  • Waterfall: A pool is not the only water you can add to the yard. Adding a natural element water feature like a fountain will give your backyard positive feng shui, that provides a sense of comfort and well being, whenever you’re out there. It also serves as a natural birdbath for your local feathered friends.


Whatever additions you make to your backyard, these enhancements will be sure to spruce up the area making it more inviting and more relaxing for you and your guests. Your backyard will certainly be the place to be.


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