(Texas) Pouring a Concrete Driveway 
It is important to find a reputable concrete company to pour the driveway for your home. There are some things that you should know about pouring a concrete driveway as this will help you determine if this is a project you can do on your own or if you should hire a contractor.

You need to find out information about the soil around your home and if it will provide stability for the concrete. If your home has a slope to the left or the right you need to decide how to pour your driveway accordingly, so that it does not looked sloped as well.

Cracks will happen over time

It is important to have a thick gravel base under the concrete. This will help filter water away from where the concrete is going to be. This will also reduce the chances of the concrete cracking. Cracks will happen over time but a good concrete base will prolong the life of the driveway.

There are also some things to consider while the concrete is being mixed. Be sure the ratios of water to concrete are the correct amounts. If too much water is added it may weaken the strength of the concrete. If the measurements are off this can have a negative affect on the end results. Rebar can also be added to increase the strength of the concrete. It may take up to 60 days in order for the concrete to reach its full strength, so you should pour the driveway well before the day of closing.

When pouring the driveway be sure to put control joints every 10 to 15 feet to allow for some gives. This is also why there are some lines in the driveway. If the joints were not installed the driveway would crack as soon as you pull your car in.

Materials to choose from

To make your driveway more visually appealing there are several things that you can do. You can select from various trims to boarder the driveway. The most popular trims are bricks or stones. You can also get colored concrete or stamped concrete and pavers will add some visual appeal to the driveway as well. You can also decide to expand your driveway if space allows. You can make the driveway two feet wider around the entrance to the garage on both sides. You can also extend the concrete so that it goes to the edge of the exterior of the home. This will allow guests more room when they are getting out of their cars and they won’t have to step all over your grass. Overall, more space makes the driveway more functional and will be nice for guests as well.

Your driveway is going to need to be strong and durable so it is very important to consider many factors when pouring a cement driveway.  If you have any concerns, always seek help and advice from a professional contractor.

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