Do you want to build a new deck in Texas? We are a construction company in Texas and we know a lot about building decks here. New decks add value to your property and increase the living space. It’s also less expensive to put up when compared to adding extra rooms.

Deck building costs can range from a minimum of $2000 up to $7000 per 200-500 square foot. Many factors decide your overall expenditure when building these decks. They include the size, type of building materials and any additions that enhance its appeal. In this guide, we look at the cost of these materials.

They are:

Plastics and Composites

  • You should consider composite decks as they need little maintenance. They come in many options that include polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride PVC. Their average costs per square foot are $7.82, $8.68 and $7.50 respectively.
  • In the case of PVC, solid core cost an average of$ 9.48. Although they require no routine maintenance, they are costlier than natural wood. Composite also traps and emits heat during hot weather.

Natural Wood

  • You should consider natural wood it’s a good material that produces beautiful decks. However, it requires regular maintenance, staining and weather proofing to retain its appearance. Common types of wood that you can use include Redwood, Ipe, Tigerwood, Cedar, and Bamboo.
  • Their average costs per square foot are $7.75, $22.50, $20, $3.75 and $3-$4 respectively.
  • Redwood, California softwood is ideal as it lasts long. For example, decades, but can develop molds and get damaged by ultraviolet light if left untreated.
  • Ipe, Brazilian hardwood, can last more than 25 yeas but is expensive depending on your budget.
  • Tigerwood, Brazilian/African hardwood is weather resistant with Tiger like colors but requires regular maintenance to keep its colors from fading.
  • Cedar wood is also ideal as it’s rot resistant but scratches and dents easily.
  • You should consider bamboo as it’s strong but requires annual sealing to keep it healthy.
  • You should also consider using Pressure Treated wood PT as its budget friendly. That’s because it has a 40-year warranty. Its downside is that these chemicals that are used to treat it are harmful. You should avoid stepping on it barefoot. That also includes your pets.

Deck Building Costs

  • You should be aware that most deck builders charge an average of $35 per square foot. That means the larger it is, the more costly it becomes to build.
  • Decks that have unusual shapes and have multiple levels are more expensive than regular rectangular ones. That’s because rectangular shapes cost about $1500. These costs can go up to $5000 for those with custom designs.
  • You should keep in mind that decks increase the value of your home. That means more taxes on you and also on your insurance premiums.
  • You should also factor in additional costs such as lighting, heaters, and seating amenities. Depending on your budget lighting costs can vary from $8-$30 for deck lights and up to $30 to over $100 for post lighting.
  • Heaters can cost you between $100-$300 while for chairs, it will depend on what style or material you choose.


Building decks should be easier using the above guide. The key points to consider are your budget and the size of deck you need. You should contact us to find the best possible quotes for building your deck.

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