If like many other homeowners, you think a shed would make a great addition to your yard, there are few things to know. Building a shed is not that tricky so long as you have the right tools and materials. There are safety tips to pay attention to as well as several common mistakes to avoid. People tend to take safety for granted at times. It pays to be careful. Being careful can save you time and discomfort. And you can save money too.

Building A Shed: Helpful Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Helpful Tips

There are safety tips that you should pay attention to so that you can lower the chances of these injuries. Building a shed should be an experience that you enjoy and have fun with, not a painful one. Here are the top safety tips that you should follow to prevent accidents when building your shed.

  • Wear protective gear: Whether it is going to be a big shed or a small one, it is important to make sure that you always wear proper protective gear at all times. This will reduce the risk of injury. Always wear safety glasses, a hard hat, protective clothing, and leather gloves when you are building your shed.
  • Handle materials properly: You need to take care when handling materials to avoid injuring yourself and others who may be working around you. You can lower the chances of getting slivers or cuts in your hands by wearing suitable work gloves and you can prevent bruises and cuts by wearing protective clothing. Should you need to move any heavy materials, make sure you ask for help to prevent injury to your back.
  • Clear the working area: You need to keep your work area as clear as possible to prevent falls. You should make it a point to organize all materials and supplies in neat piles, so you can easily and safely pick up what you need.
  • Be cautious with hand tools: Hand tools can be dangerous when they are not used properly. It is important that you always handle them with caution. If you are using a saw, make sure you have the proper support and keep your fingers away from the cutting edge. Always use a proper hammer and be careful when holding a nail. You can prevent injuries with a little care and practice.
  • Follow safety rules when using power tools: When you have to use power tools, always make sure that you follow safety rules and instructions. Also, make sure that your full attention is on the job at hand. Be cautious as chips can fly around and wood pieces can slip. Remember that you need to be in control at all times and keep your focus on the task. This will reduce the risk of injury and accidents. You can also damage a power tool if you are not careful.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few common errors that homeowners make when building a shed in their yard. Knowing these errors can protect you from making them when you are ready to build your shed.

  1. Do not build your own doors. It is better to buy pre-hung doors rather than build your own unless you know exactly what you are doing. Not building them correctly can result in sagging.
  2. Don’t forget the lighting. Make sure you install appropriate lighting sources in case you need to find something at night.
  3. Make sure you have ventilation. The small spaces inside sheds can get hot very quickly, so make sure you have a way to air them out.
  4. Don’t forget power: With so many tools being cordless, people often forget outlets. But, you will need to recharge those batteries at some point, so install power outlets when building.
  5. Watch the ceiling: When building, make sure you create a tall enough ceiling. You never know when you may need to store larger items. The ceiling should be at least 9 ft. tall
  6. Work carefully with untreated wood: Untreated wood that is placed directly into the soil can quickly rot. Make sure you use treated, more durable materials closer to the ground.
  7. Pick the right exterior material. Wood looks good but can be costly to maintain and is much quicker to deteriorate. PVC trim is more affordable and longer-lasting.
  8. Be mindful of utilities. Check for buried utilities in the yard before you start digging. Mark them out so you know exactly where you can dig and avoid expensive problems.
  9. Don’t forget to contact the city. Remember to contact the building or city planning department to get shed regulations, and then make sure you follow them.
  10. Don’t underestimate time. Building a shed is less cumbersome than building a house, but you still need to account for time. Account for rests and weather changes when planning this building project.


Building a shed is a great idea for extra storage and for adding value to a home. If you have space in your yard, having a shed is the perfect addition. Just remember, if you feel like tackling the building by yourself, make sure you have the right tools and materials. Follow the helpful tips in this article and avoid costly mistakes. You will have a great shed and plenty of savings in no time.

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