(Texas Patio Builder) Building a Guest House

Whether you have a frequent number of guests visiting or the in-laws spend more time than usual at your house, having separate quarters on your property is a popular concept. Guest houses are ideal for long-term visitors and when you want to keep aging members of the family close. Depending on your budget and space the guest quarters can be a converted bedroom, an add-on, or a free-standing apartment.

What To Consider When Building a Guest House?

Know Your Audience

Designing the guest space depends on who will be staying there. If you plan on having the elderly in-laws move in, then space needs to meet their needs and comforts. No-slip flooring and easily accessible bathrooms are a must for those individuals that have trouble moving around. You also need to remember to take wheelchairs and walkers into consideration when designing walkways and access points. Privacy is also important as some family members may want their own space where others are okay to be close by in a converted room or basement.

Location Matters

The location is key to designing an in-law space or guest house. The guest needs to feel comfortable and has all that they need. You need to consider spacing for a bathroom and possibly a small kitchen if the guest will want a certain degree of independence and privacy. Basements and large attic spaces are ideal for converting to guest accommodations and typically can include living rooms or dinette areas too. If it is not possible to include a bathroom, make sure access to one is easy enough.

Power Sources

Some homeowners have guest spaces that they choose to rent out and in this case, you want to ensure the living space has its own power source, as well as separate heating and air conditioning. Not only does this help in getting the place rented but it allows you to turn off power when the spot is vacant. Whatever addition or conversion you are thinking of making to your home for guest living, we can help get you in the right direction. There are a number of options and designs depending n your needs, your guest needs, and the available space. Contact us today and we will help you make the most of your guest space project, and ensure every guest feels the comforts of home.

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