truck bed extenderHave you tried going to the Walmart or a Home Depot to purchase some long items mostly for home improvement or renovations? Well, if you did you well know the struggle of getting these items home. In some cases, the experience might have been expensive such as having the goods delivered despite having your truck. Worse still, you might have damaged your truck by trying to improvise inappropriately. In the event you have already experienced all this, there is a solution. 

The solution

With a truck bed extender, all the challenges previously faced will be a thing of past. You are bound to have an entirely new experience the next time you will be hauling long items. The truck bed extender for trucks is an ingenious solution that is not only convenient but also easy to use. It is, therefore, necessary to have equipment especially for those who frequently have to haul long items. This could be for construction, home improvement, or even adventure such as kayaks.

How it works?

The functionality of the truck is quite simple. You attach the kit to the hitch, and you are set to haul your long items with the convenience of your truck. Better still, there is no modification required on your truck. Thus, after getting the long items home, all you need is to do is detach the module. The performance of the truck bed extender is quite impressive as it is able to haul a weight of 350 – 400 LB. This means that it can take much more weight especially given that this is a direct weight on the extender, not the distributed weight. It is also worth noting that most of the weight is in the truck bed.

Setting up

To get the truck bed extender in position, just lock it on the receiver of the hitch. With this done, adjust the extender to the height of the bed of your truck, and you are all set. In fact, the extender can fit on ATV or cars as long as they have a 2” hitch. The setup process is also easy as you can do it alone given that the kit only weighs 30 LB. Also, storage of the extender is also catered for as it can easily fit in the cab for convenient use when need be.


The truck bed extender is a great accessory and a must-have for all truck owners. Interestingly, the kit is affordable. The truck bed extender will cost you in the range of $72 to $98 for the 350 LB model. For the 400 pounds model, the price ranges at between $174 to $181. Also, the reviews from other the users of the extenders online are quite encouraging implying that this is a great purchase.

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