Maintenance of your home is not a mere thing, it can be considered as a full-time job. With increasing pollution, new types of diseases are emerging in the society. Today, maintaining health and hygiene has become an important concern. A house with children and pets requires more cleaning. Time to time cleaning of the house can be a time-consuming process. Even small chores like, washing the windows and cleaning the carpet seems difficult to keep up with. Some of the ways to clean your carpet at home are:


Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning of the carpet at home is a difficult task. Often hot steams destroy the delicate fabric of your carpet. As a result of this, your carpet loses its shine and smoothness. This kind of home cleaning of the carpet does not ensure you that they are completely free from dirt. However, professional cleaning of your carpet does not only keep your home looking clean and tidy, but also it ensures that they are 100% dirt free.

Various other advantages of professional cleaning of the carpets are:

  • It prevents respiratory conditions
  • Maintains the shine of the carpet
  • Stops your carpet from becoming tired and worn out
  • Saves your time

For a clean and healthy living condition, regular and systematic cleaning of your carpet is a must. Carpets normally tend to gather a lot of mud, microbes, grime, and allergens into them, which are hazardous for you and your family. These microbes and dirt can cause a lot of respiratory diseases like asthma, nausea and certain kinds of irritations. People also become allergic due to dust formation in the rugs. The institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration (IICR) provides guidance and has standardized and professional carpet cleaning centers.

Vacuum cleaning

You can clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner, but this technique will not ensure you complete removal of dirt and dusts. Moreover, it is also a time-consuming process. Professional carpet cleaning companies can do this job with proper equipment. They use chemicals, shampoos and alkaline, which are very effective in removing dirt. They possess great skills in dealing with stains and germs. They provide you the desired level of cleanliness, which will make your carpet look cleaner and fresher. They have experts who apply best technology to clean your carpet.

Some people think that professional cleaning is not a cost effective process. It may be a little expensive, but this pays back in the long run. It ensures long life to your carpet, without losing its brightness and spotlessness. If you are not cleaning your carpet regularly then, you are compelled to replace your carpet only after a short time.

Carpet Cleaning in Houston

Professional carpet cleaning includes

  • Absorbent method
  • Simple rotation brush cleaning
  • Dry extraction
  • Dry foam extraction

IICR also suggests that homeowner should get their carpet cleaned once in every 18 months if your home accommodates only two or three people. Once you start adding extra people and pets to your family, you will require a more often carpet cleaning. Family with at least one pet should seek professional steam cleaning every six months.

Thus, these professional cleaners ensure you that your carpet is free from each and every dirty particle. Now, you can keep your carpet much longer, as they will not wear down quickly.


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