Great Floor Plans For Entertaining (texas)

There are thousands of potential floor plan options for homes and chances are there will be more than one that will suit your needs. So how are you to choose the right one? You can narrow down the style and plan you want by first asking yourself a few key questions to define what you are really looking for.

Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Your Home

What are you missing?

Has your family grown and you need more space or does the current style not really match your tastes? Deciding what is missing from your current design will help you narrow down the plan you want.

What about the future?

You cannot predict the future but you can try and plan for it. If you plan to stay in your home for ten years or more, think to the future and what you may need. If your family will be changing in any way, you need to choose a floor plan that will accommodate those changes.

Size or amenities?

You will need to evaluate which is more important to you. If size is more important to you, then you go with a floor plan with more space, higher ceilings, and fewer amenities. If you need the amenities, such as a hobby room, then you need to design around that. Of course, you can get a plan that allows for both if you have the budget.

Functional spaces?

Functional rooms usually get less attention than the rooms that are more exciting, but they are important and should not be forgotten. Laundry rooms, bathrooms, and storage rooms are accessed daily so be sure to leave enough space for these on your floor plan.

Who lives here?

Deciding on the openness and rooms to have will depend on who is living in the home. If there are younger children, then private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms are usually close together, but when there are older children, you may need a room or two further away.

Do you entertain?

How often you entertain guests will impact the floor plan you need. If you frequently welcome guests than an open plan with a wide open entrance and living room is more for you. If you are more private, then a living room adjacent to the front door may be more tour style.

One story or two?

Single story homes group public rooms in the center with private rooms located to the wings and multistory homes provide private spaces upstairs. Choose a style and floor plan that best suits the ages and needs of the family.


Having a plan on paper can be difficult to finalize, so use your imagination. Picture yourself walking through each room according to your daily routine and activities. As you move along the floor plan in your mind, it becomes easy to see where you need more space or when a room us going to be too small. If you cannot picture yourself in the home, then the floor plan may need some tweaking.



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