The right interior doors can make a real difference to the feel of your home and the way it looks.A good interior door can be seen as a piece of furniture in its own right. A well chosen door that suits your home and your style will draw attention and let people know that you know what looks good.

The right door will also be practical and hard wearing though, and perhaps even secure if that’s something you value within the home. It seems like there are a few points to consider when choosing interior doors, so let’s do just that…


You will open and close your interior doors numerous times every day so first of all they have to be practical. They should fit smoothly in their frames for easy opening and closing and you might want to consider features such as kick plates which protect the lower part of a door from wear and damage.


You also have to choose between various different materials for your doors. There are various types of wood available, from pine to mahogany and all to the types of timber in between. Or you could opt for a UPVC door. These doors usually last longer than their wooden counterparts but some people don’t like the look of them as much as natural timber. Metal is another option for a tough, sleek door.


Style is another big point to ponder when perusing the various interior doors on the market. A wooden door made of reclaimed timber could suit your home perfectly, or maybe a chrome finish door would work better if you have a more contemporary house or apartment.


The final point to consider is quality. Doors are available at vastly differing prices and that means different levels of quality. You tend to get what you pay for, so spend what you can afford to. This way you should get a quality door that will be a proud feature of your home.

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