Your patio is a great place to socialize with visiting friends and family as well as the perfect place to relax after a long day. You not only want to make the patio inviting and comfortable, but it also needs to be practical. You likely have kids and/or pets so your patio furniture needs to fit the whole family. Since your pets will also want to hang out with you, they will likely be on the furniture too, so there are some things you need to remember when buying patio furniture if you have children and pets.

Fabric Covers

If you have patio furniture that has fabric-covered seats of cushions, you want to invest in covers. Make sure you get covers that can be easily removed for washing. Being able to remove them often to throw into the washing machine makes it easier to keep pet hair from sticking to you or your guests. Additionally, dirt can get easily tracking by both pets and children and accidents do happen. Removable covers make it easy to keep the furniture looking great at all times. You want everyone to be able to enjoy the patio furniture, and easily removable covers mean the pets can hang out and your guests don’t leave with a fur coat.

Hard Surfaces

When looking for chairs, tables, or other furniture with hard surfaces, be sure to choose a material that does not scratch easily. Your cat may decide to use the patio furniture as a scratching post when you are not looking or the dog’s paws may scratch without warning as they jump around to get comfortable. You can avoid unsightly scratches by choosing hard materials that do not scratch easily. Aluminum and iron are ideal surfaces, especially when sprayed with silicone wax. They are rust-resistant, durable and will not show signs of wear or scratching.


People like the traditional look of wood and the fact that you can paint it a variety of colors make it ideal for patio furniture. Wood chairs and tables can be painted to match the house or given a bright color to liven up any yard. The problem with wood is that pets can easily scratch and chew it. If you want wood furniture but have pets, invest in extra coats of varnish and protective waxes to prevent scratching. Washing wood furniture with warm soapy water once a season will help keep it in optimal shape for you and your family to enjoy.

Avoid discoloration

Accidents happen, whether to dog knocks over your drink as he jumps up on to your lap or they track all kinds of mud and dirt over after playing outside. Choose furniture that has material that is hard to stain or that has a protective coating so you can avoid discoloration over time. Choose fabrics that resist moisture and mildew to protect it from those damp mornings and rain as well as spillages.

Get wicker

Wicker furniture is not only weather resistant but pet-friendly too. It is functional and flexible as well as comfortable and easy to maintain. The look of wicker is traditional yet stylish and with the right cushions your patio will be inviting for you, your guests and your pets. With a quick spray of a hose, you can clean wicker and it dries in no time. Just be sure to get covers for the cushions and your patio will be pet-friendly and ready to enjoy.



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