Lately, we humans are so preoccupied by artificial and material things. Everywhere you turn you head there are man-made machines and gadgetry. We need to appreciate how nature is just remarkable. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work.” Sometimes we should simply sit, notice, and take in the flora and fauna, for example, which surround us because nature is simply breathtaking. In order to do that we need to go outside of our homes and this can be difficult especially during rough weather months. There is a way though. For exterior seating you have patios but how do you get closer to outdoors indoors?

Patios, sunrooms, and other enclosures can bring you closer to nature while not actually being outside but there is also another method to accomplish this. One other way to do that is to create window seats inside your home. Windows, by themselves, can be thought of as rather large, living, beautiful paintings. When you add windows inside their home, in a way you are bringing the beauty of nature and putting it on display. Larger, open windows blend the walls of nature and your home. Now, add seats to these windows and nature can be enjoyed in a new way. You can place your existing sofas or sectionals, such as the ones shown here, closer to the windows but it’s really not the same.

seat by the window


Is there a usual candidate for these ingenious seats? Not really. Sure you can place them right under bay windows but any window will really do just fine. You can add window seats in the usual space like a living room or even a kitchen. The kitchen can be thought of as a hub of the house so any additional seating space there is great. A window seat in the kitchen is a pretty cool place to wait for the meal to be cooked. Depending on the space and window size, window seats don’t have to be large either. It’s also a good idea to create storage space under these seats otherwise you’re not utilizing all the available space within the seats.

If your home lacks window seats consider making one because beautiful nature can be closer from the confines of your warm, cozy home. They are great places to simply sit, curl up, relax, and gaze out of your window and enjoy the outside view for hours at a time.

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