Houston slowly becomes the most populous city you can find in Texas, as it is sprawling to over two million people. That means the city is attracting many new folks living around and within the area. Most of the things you might be knowing about this growing city come from the media, which in turn does not prepare you for living here. If you are considering relocating to Houston, this guide will provide you with adequate information to make your transition smoother.

The climate

The city has a humid subtropical climate, having intensely hot summers and mild winters. The city is not officially part of the Texas Tornado, but the spring thunderstorms at times cause twisters to appear within the city. You will experience at least 90 days in a given year temperatures that are above 90 degrees, with the humidity levels causing the heat index to rise higher than the actual temperature. If you are into the cold climate, that might be a challenge at Houston as snowfalls very rare, but expect some showers. In a year, the city would receive 50 inches of rainfall, at times these levels could cause flooding in some areas.

Because of the heat, women have to rethink beauty options

In a year, you will experience more sunshine and humidity than snow or rainfall. Thus, the type of makeup you have been accustomed to might have to change. The reason being, the humidity tends to cause the frizzy hair much frizzier, and the humidity will just melt away your makeup.

The Neighborhoods

The downtown area is the city’s hub for entertainment, business and some theater. The city offers a variety of things towards your entertainment; this is from the nine performing arts companies, four professional sports team and six exquisite performance halls that call the neighborhood home. Additionally, the city has an abundance of clubs, eateries, bars, I mean your outdoor activities has been catered for.

Schools in the city

Seventeen school districts serve the city; the largest one is Houston Independent School District. The school is considered as the largest public school that is within the state of Texas, as it educates well over 200,000 students within its facilities. If you are looking for private schools, this is also covered as the State is home to 300 private schools.

If you are also looking to advance your education or your children the city has many notable colleges, this is including The University of Houston, which is a Tier one research university.

Employment within the city

The economy of the city is mainly based on the energy industry, to be specific oil. The city has been known as a world capital in the oil and gas sector, as it has over 5,000 energy firms that are operating in the city. Out of the 5,000, seventeen of them are the fortune 500 companies. As a result, it has made the city be a leading force in various aspects of the industry; this is the transmission, production, exploration, service, marketing, supply, technology and offshore drilling. The city alone accounts for 31 percent of all jobs in U.S linked to the gas and oil sector. Therefore, if you are looking for a job within the oil and gas sector, Houston is the right place for you.

Houston’s is a big city that is ever growing. In this regard, if you are relocating for work, it is advisable that you research for housing in the neighborhoods near your workplace, to ensure you have a manageable commute.

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