How Much Does it Cost for a New Concrete Driveway

When you’ve first bought or created your new home, you want to make sure you have everything you need. Or maybe you’re remodeling your current one brings it up to date on style and use. Either way, one thing to consider is a concrete driveway.

Concrete driveways last a long time and are a good way to connect your home with the road for convenience. But when you’re considering getting a concrete driveway, you must also consider the cost associated with building one.

The cost of a concrete driveway in Houston differs based upon how large it is, the concrete quantity, what style you want it to be, and any additions you want to add to it. The average cost of a driveway can range from $8 dollars per square foot to over $20 per square foot – that’s quite a range to have to consider, isn’t it?

Lucky for you, you can base how much it will generally cost by looking at the base pay of particular categories of the driveway, which can also tell you what additions you can get for that price. 


A basic driveway has a cost that can range from $10/$15 dollars per square foot, and it can come with the additions of basic stencils, basic borders, exposed aggregate, one color method – this could be the integral method or the surface application method – and a textured concrete finish.

This particular basic category is actually a step up from basic gray concrete already, and would be best for someone looking for a bit of nice color for their new driveway, but wants to keep it simple.


A mid-range driveway has a cost that can range from $15/$22 per square foot, and it can come with the additions of engraving, use of two or more colors or patterns, use of two or three colors with a contrasting border, and a scored and stained concrete finish.

The mid-range category is for someone who wants to have a good driveway with better style, as well as a few of the more simple bells and whistles. The scored and stained concrete finish will also mean it lasts a little longer than a basic concrete driveway, as well.


Finally, the progressive driveway is in a cost range of $18/square foot or more, and its additions can include the use of multiple scoring patterns and stain colors, advanced stenciling with hand-applied accents, and borders, saw cut designs, and chemical accents that are applied by hand.

This category is for someone who wants the absolute best and most intricate designs for their concrete driveway, with all of the additions that it is possible to have. The attention to detail that comes with hand-applied accents and custom designs can make your driveway complete unique and the talk of the neighborhood!

All in all, making a decision on what you want based on the cost of a concrete driveway is pretty easy when looking at categories like the ones above. Take some time to consider what you want, and then go out and get yourself a new concrete driveway for your home!



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