When it comes to building a pergola or gazebo, there are many options in terms of materials and personalization. Cedar is the more popular option due to its high durability and suitability for outdoor weather. You could also choose other materials such as vinyl, with ultraviolet inhibitors for sustained whites and long-lasting colors.

Cost-Effective Ways to Personalize Your Pergola or Gazebo

The options are endless when it comes to materials and there are several cost-effective ways to personalize your pergola or gazebo. Personalizing is all about enhancing its appearance and utility. Here are a few cost-effective ways to make your pergola and gazebo the perfect representation of yourself and your home.

Add Furniture

Convert the area covered by the pergola into a quiet seating area by adding a patio table and a few chairs. You can paint the furniture to match your gazebo and consider adding a hammock or a hot tub under the pergola for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Rafters or Joists

Pergola kits typically come with necessary rafters or joists which give you a great view of the sky. You can add rafter beams or joists for greater shade or serve as a frame for some creepers. You can order a customized kit with additional joist beams and these beams will provide extra shade and space on which to place hanging baskets.

Trellis or Lattice

If it is space for vines that you want, consider adding a side-wall trellis or lattice. All types of vines, including honeysuckle and roses, will give your pergola the effect of a garden room. Trailing or garden vines will also act as doorway overhang and serve to provide shade for the sitting area. The shape and color of the trellis or lattice will accentuate the exterior décor and softens the edges of the pergola. Make sure that you install 1/2- to 1-inch thick lattice or trellis wood pieces to properly support the weight of any climbing plant.

Include Flowers

Flowers provide a great accent for outside gatherings no matter what. You could consider a lattice wall filled with colorful flowers and climbing vines. Some sunny flowers that go well with vinyl pergolas include spider flowers, marguerite daisies, and sweet alyssum. Reach out to a professional at your local nursery to help determine which species will thrive in your local area.

Close One End

Although a pergola will create a room without walls, many people like to add one or two walls. Drill all screw holes on fragile wood-like trellis and lattice prior to installation to prevent the wood from splitting when you connect the pieces to the pergola. If you choose to add some paint, it is best to use an acrylic, non-toxic one to avoid damaging the plants.

All Season Pergolas

Individually designed pergolas are the perfect sunny place for Sunday breakfasts or a stylish place to relax with friends on a Saturday night. Solid polycarbonate roofing or retractable canopied fabrics will not only create extra space but also provide year-round protection from the elements. A combination of polycarbonate roofing or colorbond roofing will give you ample opportunity to enjoy every season outside, providing sun and light during summers and protection during colder months too.

Swinging Pergolas

Add a little fun to your pergolas by including a swing. What better way to enjoy the garden view while relaxing outdoors. Include some lattice at the top and bottom of the pergola walls to shelter you from the sun’s heat and give some privacy. Simultaneously, these pergolas allow in the cooler breezes to keep things fresh.

Hanging Seats

Try a different style of seating with comfortable chairs hanging from the rafters, lending a relaxed atmosphere to the entire area. The deck-topping pergola should match the angles of the house so that the décor suits the yard perfectly. You can apply white paint for a classic, bright, and clean appearance.

Match Your Outdoor Style

Installing a pergola with the same stain used on the deck on which it has been erected is the best way to blend with your décor. Surround it with potted plants to give it a warm feeling and add a two-person swing and pillows to create the right atmosphere to relax and enjoy the weather with a partner.

Enhance Privacy

Installing glass blocks sporadically to a pergola creates not only a unique design but offers privacy as well. It is essentially like creating a room outdoors. The combination of timber and glass goes well with all pergola sizes and you can opt to connect the pergola with the rest of the yard by placing potted plants around the outside.



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