Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces have gained popularity over time and as a homeowner, you can install one for ornamental purposes. The fire pit or a fireplace does not only improve the appeal of your outdoors; it provides warmth for you to enjoy the cold evenings. Therefore, outdoor fire pits create a favorable environment for you and your family to relax on the lawn, play a game, chat and have a nice drink.

The cost of installing the various fireplaces

Now that we have covered explored the factors that influence the cost of an outdoor fireplace, here are some estimates of installing the fireplaces.

Wood burning fireplace

The creation of an open-hearth fireplace that utilizes wood requires hiring an expert mason. For the expert and the general work to completion, you may incur a spending exceeding $1000. The same cost will apply for the installation of a fireplace in an existing home. The price covers renovation and the cumulative work of building a foundation to support the weight of the fireplace and the chimney. This cost also includes the purchasing of the chimney.

Gas-burning fireplace

The default package required for a gas-burning natural gas costs roughly $2000. The labor cost for installing can attract up to $2500. A vent free fireplace may save you some significant amount of money. For the connection of to the supply of gas, the gas experts may charge about $1000.

Maintenance and compliance cost

The best way to go about this is to estimate the cost of fuel required for your fireplace. The firewood fireplace will require removal of wood ash and clean the chimney. This can cost up to $200 on the higher side. Annual chimney inspection and service check can cost up to a maximum of $150.

Choice variations that influence price

There are various styles to select from at different costs so you can suit any budget. Here are some aspects of the fireplace you should consider.

The design

The choice depends on your preference; whether you prefer the charm of the old designs or a modern appeal. You can also select a design that utilizes either wood or gas as fuel. The fuel affects the design. For example, the electric ones require no chimney installation.

Type of fuel

For gas fuel, you only need to install a connection to the supply in your home, and you are ready to go. The downside is that Gas fuel tends to cost more than wood fuel. Wood fuel is cheap but requires regular cleaning to remove ash and suit. Another downside to wood is that it is relatively difficult to start the flame.

Electric units may incur an extra cost to cater for wiring. The advantage of the electric variants is that they have fire and temperature controls that make them easy to operate.

Material type

You can build a fireplace using different materials. Some of the favorite materials include aluminum, bricks, stone and cast iron. Cast iron and aluminum have a prolonged lifespan because of their excellent ability to resist fire and high temperature.


The default design of the fireplace may attract a pocket-friendly price. However, you can customize the fireplace to suit your preference regarding building material as well as design. Important to note is that customization may incur some extra cost depending on what you need. You may need your fireplace to merge well with the interior of your home. You can design the fireplace such that it blends perfectly with you interior decoration with regards to similarity, contrast, and continuity.

Fixed or portable

Without taking into account budget, you can opt for a portable outdoor fireplace or a portable version. The choice depends on the amount of available space and the effect you intend to achieve. The fixed design may attract extra cost as some may need excavation to create a sound basis for their construction. Some installations blend the fireplace with a cooking grill allowing you to take your kitchen outdoors.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to beautify your home as well as create some hospitable space to relax. Remember to check with your local authority to see if you need any special permits to have a fireplace.

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