positioning your patio

Novice designers, when thinking about placement, simply pour a slab of cement or concrete at the rear of the house and call it Patio. This is indeed, a traditional position, however, it is usually a very impractical one. A patio has a main function, of course. To explore this function fully, you must consider things such as the sun exposure and available shade with which to combat it, as needed. There are also natural views to take advantage of. That does not even mention enhancing the entertaining possibilities. These, of course, take into consideration sun bathing, cooking, dining, and just sitting and enjoying each other.

As You Make Plans, Think About Form Following Function

How is your patio going to function when it is finished? What do you want it to do for you and your guests? If you were sitting in a classroom called Landscape Design School, the instructor would probably write the words: “Form Follows Function” on the white board. You will be tasked with keeping this concept in during the rest of the class.

You will need to use this valid, tested adage while you are laying out that patio. You will then come across the idea that most activities on patios do not happen all in the same area. The designing of this important part of entertaining is best formulated by breaking things into smaller spaces, just like outdoor rooms.

When you were at patio get togethers, in the past, think back to where everyone congregated. They will break up into various groups to discuss, argue, play or other things important to them. They will break off and join other groups as the event continues. You should plan your layout to take advantage of the highly mobile groupings with a larger space for the entire entourage at different times.

Determining patio placement: Patio plan drawings

When you look out on the open space you have for a yard, you must decide how much of this space you want or need to use for a patio. You will need to make the decision about where it should start and end.

That brings up the idea of how big it could be or how small it should be. What kinds of options do you have available to you? They do not have to be overwhelming decisions.

It Should Invite People Out Into The Yard

The patio, itself, should do this. This means that it is not simply a pad of cement sitting there taking up space. Even in a smaller back or side yard, a patio that has a dining area and other features, such as a water fountain, green spaces, and concrete seating areas can be designed and positioned. This design could also include a trellis covered archway that invites visitors out to the rest of the yard.

Larger Properties Might Have Multiple ‘Rooms’

For larger yards, the concept of many rooms or separate spaces, combined with appropriate land and hardscaping, will help incorporate the ideas of various groups all meeting at the same time and doing very different things. The idea of walkways leading to and from each ‘room’ or area will help coordinate the whole party when appropriate.

Outside Kitchens Are All The Rage

You may just simply need an outdoor kitchen/dining room, either by itself or in conjunction with other patio elements. There will need to be enough kitchen equipment, specially designed for the outside weather conditions you have to prepare, cook and plate whatever meals you have planned for any event you plan for. Tables and chairs will need to be positioned, either as built ins or free standing. You will need to ensure enough room to walk around all construction elements, tables, chairs and service surfaces.

The Serenity Of An Outdoor Living Room Is Popular In Many Areas

This type of serene patio has all of the same elements as your living room and this makes it the perfect place to enjoy your company even if there is nothing big planned. It could have a fireplace, couches and even chairs that may not be in other areas of your yard or home. This can be as intimate as you need or as open as it can be.

All of the various elements of each patio scenario can be included in a larger than the normal yard to provide the flexibility you need for the maximum enjoyment and entertainment possibilities.

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