diesel generator

A diesel generator produces electricity using an alternator and a diesel engine. They are often the most preferred type of generators for hospitals, offices and construction sites due to their extensive and long-term uses. That and the fact that they are also very reliable make diesel generators more popular than gasoline and propane generators although your choice will depend on the intended purpose.

Some of the key advantages of diesel generators over gasoline and propane generators include the following;

  1. They are Economical

Diesel generators are much economical as compared to gasoline generators. This is mainly because gasoline generators use a lot of gasoline that can be expensive. It can also be harder to obtain gasoline in an emergency since it is not safe to store gasoline because of its high flammability. Gasoline also has a very short shelf life and can’t be stored for more than a year.

  1. Diesel Generators are Safer

When the fuel lines are broken, you are dealing with a potentially dangerous situation, not to mention that additional cost of replacing the spilled fuel. In sharp contrast, diesel generators are safer since diesel is the least flammable fuel source when compared to propane and gasoline. You are less likely to experience problems with fire hazards when you choose a diesel generator.

  1. Diesel Generators Can Run For Longer

All diesel engines are designed to produce electricity under heavy load and for longer periods of time. This is why they are the perfect option for off-grid sites that require extended electricity generation. This is primarily the reason why diesel generators are preferred by hospitals and airports for electrical and navigation purposes. It is also an ideal power in large homes and buildings.

  1. Diesel Generators Don’t Require a Lot of Maintenance

Even a heavy-duty diesel generator will require low maintenance as compared to a gasoline or propane generator. This means that they are overall less expensive and manage over time even if they may be a little bit expensive to purchase in the beginning.


Diesel generators can be found everywhere in the world and are useful for a variety of purpose and applications. They are essentially useful in places that are not connected to the grid such as small rural towns although you are most likely to find them in large ships, airports, hospitals and large farms.

The availability of portable generators makes them very useful construction sites. It is, however, important to note that you can choose to use a pure generator or a dual or tri-fuel generator. The type of generator you choose could be informed by the purpose. A generator that is useful in a hospital or airport may not be ideal as a backup power source for your home.



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