You are thinking of a gazebo or you already have one. One important factor is the type of foundation you have. There are different types of foundations you can use for your gazebo. When you take the time to lay a sturdy foundation and you will be able to enjoy your gazebo for years. There are ways to lay a solid and strong foundation so that the structure will be robust and level regardless of the type of terrain it is built upon.

Different Types of Foundations For Your Gazebo

Patio Stones

Patio stones are the easiest way you can support the wooden floor of a gazebo. They make for a formidable foundation when the ground is relatively level and the structure is not very large, ideally being no more than 14 feet. Patio stones are easily available from local building suppliers and are affordable. You need to layout the patio stone foundation in proportion to the size of the frame. Start by placing one stone under each gazebo, right-side-up and one or two stones at the center of the floor. The patio stones must not surpass the floor in its perimeter, otherwise, the skirting installation will be affected. One patio stone must be placed squarely “beneath” the runners. At this time, you can start leveling the entire floor with shims, which are materials that are handy in leveling the floor over the patio stones. They can be made of wood or metal, but cedar shims are the most popular as a result of greater durability. No matter what size your gazebo floor is, make sure that the stones stand upright underneath each gazebo. To prevent the floor from sinking use 2″ x 12″ x 24″ patio stones to distribute your gazebo foundation uniformly across a large surface area. By then adding an additional layer of crushed stones underneath the patio stones, you can improve drainage and will achieve a level ground for the foundation.

Cinder Blocks

These are a suitable choice for a foundation option and another easy way to level your gazebo floor. These too are available at the local building supplier or home improvement store and can be used to level gazebo floors that do not sit on highly inclined surfaces. Cinder blocks come in 8”x16” and offer inexorable strength but can cause the gazebo to sink if the underlying surface is soft. You must use a number of such cinder blocks and overlapping rows to reduce the chances of sinking. You can also add a skirt to your structure to hide the cinder block foundation. Typically, a single row of skirting comes included with the foundation kit and can be used to cover the foundation lying below. Skirting can also help keep troublesome critters away from the bottom of the gazebo.

Super Spikes

Super spikes can be used when one end of the gazebo has to be raised to give a level foundation. They are also used when you want to avoid pouring footings. In certain cases, you may want to raise the floor of your gazebo and you must use super spikes to achieve this.
Before you get your spikes, you need to go through the rules and codes for construction within your jurisdiction. Super spikes are better suited for warmer regions, which are not likely to experience snow or frosts. If the gazebo is raised, then you can consider attaching a skirt, lattice, or stairs to mask the foundation.

Sonotube/Concrete Footings

Sonotube or concrete footings are used when the gazebo needs to be raised, where the ground is uneven or where a building permit is necessary. They are expensive to install but are the better choice for highly inclined surfaces. Concrete footings are best installed with professional help. Hire a contractor who is aware of the building codes in your area and will raise the structure in a way that meets these standards.

Concrete Pads

Concrete pads are a concrete base on which to mount the walls of your gazebo. This option is commonly used for a hot tub which cannot be supported by a wooden floor. You can also use these pads when you are going to house pool equipment or if you are going to install a plumbing system.


Concrete pads are usually used when the buildings are large and may need a permanent foundation. Flagstone is popular with people who want a textured or colored gazebo floor to match their garden or as a rustic look for a backyard. Concrete pads are expensive and installation should be left to a professional. Professionals will ensure that your structure adheres to the local regulations and codes.


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