(Texas Patio Builder) Easy Fence InstallationHaving a fence not only adds privacy to your home and yard, but it can add curb appeal and value to the property. The fence doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive. As long as quality materials are used and the look matches the style of the house, then you can keep it simple without losing appeal.

Often it is a good idea to match the fence with the siding and trim of the home, especially when it comes to color. Nothing looks classier and more appealing than a nice white fence and white trim around a home. You need to be careful not to mix shades because an ivory fence will just look dirty and yellowed next to bright white trim. Keep your colors coordinated to keep your property appealing and its value up.

Easy Fence Installation

The first step of fence installation is finding a contractor to perform the work for you. Be careful of any Home Owners Associations because they will usually need to approve fence design and placement before you can begin the installation. As much as you want to feel in control of your own property, when it comes to fencing additions, you will need this committee to sign off on it first. If you first request a copy of the neighborhood guidelines and regulation, you ca design your fence accordingly and increase your chances for immediate approval. The last thing you want to do is waste time going back and forth with a committee fighting over fence designs. Take note of the rules and laws and design your fence accordingly with a fence installation company, then present it to the HOA board for approval.

Keep in mind that project approvals take time, so don’t count on having the fence installed in time for this weekend’s barbecue. Typically fence approval can take up to 30 days, so plan accordingly and be prepared to have to make some changes. Once approval is granted, however, a fencing company can typically be ready to start the installation within a week. If you have placed your own sod or the fencing company does it, you should note that it can be messy. It is advised to wait a month or so after installing the sod before getting the fence posts put in place. The more stressed sod gets, the less likely it is to firmly hold. Once your fence is installed, be sure to follow all maintenance tips provided by the fencing company.


You need to take care of your fence the same way you do your garden and home. Regular cleaning, maintenance and painting are necessary to keep it looking its best. It Is also important to provide weather treatments as necessary to make sure your fence doesn’t become worn down from sun, rain or snow. Any damage or wear needs to be fixed right away and can be performed quickly and efficiently by any reliable fencing company. A fence can add the right personal touch to your home as well as privacy and value. Make sure you get the required approvals first if needed, and work with a reliable and trusted fencing company in your local area.

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