Easy Ways to Warm Out Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall


Whether you are a summer or fall person, chances are you love your outdoor living space. For those that love the summer, you want to keep your outdoor space warm and for those that love the fall, you want to create that toasty warm vibe. With a few small changes, you can keep your outdoor space warm and welcoming through to winter.

Easy Ways to Warm Out Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall

  • Illuminating heat: Light your patio up at night with lanterns that house candles. The candles provide both heat and light to create the perfect atmosphere on your patio or deck.
  • Cuddle up: Bring out the blankets and keep them on folded on the backs of chairs and outdoor furniture. Then, when the temperature cools, you are ready to get cozy. Take care not to leave blankets and other delicate textiles outdoors for long periods of time or they can attract mildew, mold, or pests.
  • Hanging warmth: Wrap yourself and your porch or patio in comfort by hanging insulated curtains. Hang them around the perimeter of your outdoor space and leave them open during the day. They can easily be closed to keep the warmth in as the sun goes down.
  • Add a log: If a fancy fire pit isn’t your style, you can opt for an OneLogFire. This self-contained fire is made by lighting a firestarter inside a single log from an accessible hole on the side. Its vertical orientation pulls oxygen to burn from the inside out. It will burn for up to two hours, and deliver warmth and creativity to your outdoor space.
  • Heat from the top: Outdoor heaters can be a hazard because of the exposed coils that get hot. You can heat your outdoor space and stay safe by mounting the heater to the ceiling or overhang. This will keep you warm without the risk of bumping into the heater.
  • Soak up the season: As it gets cooler a dip in the pool may be out of the question, but a backyard hot tub is a perfect solution. You can get an inflatable hot tub that will provide you with heat and relaxation without heating up your budget.
  • Patio chair cushions: Make your outdoor furniture cozier with some extra soft cushions. When you are indoors, keep the cushions indoors too so they stay warm, and then they keep you warm when you sit outside. You can pick any decor you want to match your patio and the season.
  • Dish served hot: Adding a wood-fired pizza oven to the patio is a great way to add heat and great food for any occasion. Fuel up the oven with wood pellets and be amazed as it heats up in a mere 10 minutes.
  • Go electric: The smoke from a fire pit may not be your style, so you can go electric to get your fall warmth. Place an electric heater in the center of your patio and kick up your feet to bask in the warmth. You don’t have to wait long for them to heat up either and you’ll feel the heat within seconds. You also won’t have to pay as much in energy as you do with a gas heater.
  • Piles of Warmth: Does your patio have a draft? Cover the floor with plush rugs to keep your toes toasty no matter how cool it gets. To maximize comfort underfoot and minimize maintenance, choose a rug with a short pile. You also want a rug that is made with water-resistant materials that will wick away everything from rain to fallen drinks.
  • Tiki tabletops: Adding tiki torches to the tabletops on your patio or porch lends a soft glow. With each torch measuring 6 by 6 inches, you can station one on every corner of the surface to amp up the ambiance and warmth. These torches typically burn for four hours and can be easily refilled as needed.
  • String theory: If your patio gets too dark in the fall, then string up some lights for heat and ambiance. Grab some simple 10-count electric string lights to add subtle lighting to your porch in those fall evenings.


As the weather starts to change, consider making a few changes of your own. With any of these handy ideas, your patio can remain the center of relaxation through the fall. Stay cozy, relaxed, and warm and give your outdoor living space a little fall makeover.



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