Today, everyone is increasingly worried about going green. Ensuring your house is as energy efficient as possible can save the environment and save you money.

With a few simple changes around your home, you can ensure that your home is as eco as possible.

25% of energy lost from a home is lost through the roof, ensuring good loft insulation is fitted, and using a high-quality roofing tile can prevent this energy from being lost. Loft insulation can also suffer wear-and-tear over a long period of time, so while you may think you are adequately protected, older insulation can be thinner and less protective. Insulation is available from major hardware stores and is simple to fit. Alternatively, there are many services available that will fit insulation properly for a small fee.

35% of heat energy is also lost through the walls. Protect yourself against this further loss with cavity wall insulation.  There are many different types of cavity wall insulation, which all vary in effectiveness and price. A popular method at the moment involves filling the cavity with hundreds of small polymer balls that expand to fill the space, preventing air movement in the cavity, and keeping the heat in.

Insulating your home properly is also important as it can act as a sound barrier, protecting against noise pollution – giving you the night’s sleep that dreams are made of.

Poor quality, old windows are also a sure-fire way to lose a lot of heat and energy from your home. Plastic-framed, double-glazed windows like the EZE BREEZE are cheap and quick to install. They prevent energy loss and look smarter. Unlike old, wood-framed windows they are less likely to decay, allowing the elements into your home. Many door and window firms will offer deals, which make changing your new windows, a minimal expense, which you will recuperate through the money saved in energy bills!

Energy Efficient Home Houston

By adding solar panels to your home, you can save money on your energy bills and, in some cases, get a tax rebate for your efforts. Solar panels will add to the energy available in your home without the use of generators or loss of natural resources. They are sometimes expensive, but a great long-term option.

Changing the light fittings in your home for energy-efficient bulbs or LED lights saves energy, while still giving the same quality of light. Energy-efficient bulbs are now cheaper than traditional bulbs and come with the same bayonet or screw fittings, meaning they will fit into older sockets.

There are also a number of small ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Blocking up old and unused fireplaces prevents energy loss. Tucking curtains behind radiators, rather than in front of them also prevents the heat they emit from being lost through the window.  Planting more green trees and bushes in your garden also decreases the carbon dioxide being emitted by your home.


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