(Texas) Enjoy the Summer with a New Sunroom

One of the best ways to increase both the value and comfort of your home is a sunroom. Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the warmth of the sun without having to deal with the bugs and it will keep you warm during cooler winter nights. It also allows light and warmth to radiate through your home bringing comfort and brightness. Your home becomes more enjoyable and, according to home renovation experts, sunrooms add value to your home too.

Enjoy the Winter with a New Sunroom

Entertainment Venue

Sunrooms are a unique and wonderful way to entertain your friends and family. You get additional space, making it better than crowded living rooms. Watch a movie or host a game night from the sunroom where you can enjoy peace as well as fun. Having a sunroom for entertainment gives you additional privacy. To make this room even more enjoyable, it is recommended to use bright colors and a diversity of patterns to really make it pop.

Retreat and Relax

Sunrooms provide the perfect getaway from daily stress. While still being part of your home, you can shut yourself away in the sunroom to unwind in peace and warmth when at the end of your day. Create a special little nook for reading time and use softer colors to keep it calm and peaceful. You can even add daybeds and comfortable seating is you want to have a relaxing retreat rather than an entertainment space.

Home Gym

Sunrooms are a good place to keep your workout equipment. Exercise equipment can be bulky and take up space in other rooms, so a designated space is better. What better space than one that is close to the outdoors giving you beautiful views, and one that provides fresh air and sunshine to motivate you. With a sunroom, you don’t have to brave the elements during colder months and still get your daily workout in. Whatever style or design you choose for your sunroom, there are several benefits you can enjoy. With the right choice of materials, you can enjoy the sunroom all year round. When thermally-enhanced, you can stay warm on the sunroom even on cold days and maximize your energy savings too. You also do not have to worry about the weather damaging your furniture as you would with a patio or outdoor living space, so you can choose comfort over practicality for your sunroom retreat. 

Final thoughts

Sunrooms are also ideal for gardeners. Protection from the elements and the sun and warmth ready to go, makes sunrooms perfect greenhouses. You can grow plants, herbs, flowers, and vegetables with ease all year round thanks to the natural sunlight overhead, and the additional plant life will boost oxygen production in your home. Sunrooms are versatile and can be used for many purposes. Adding a sunroom will add value to your home and give you a space you need.  The additional square footage of a sunroom combine with the multitude of benefits and uses a sunroom brings adds value to your home. The costs of adding a sunroom can vary depending on size and materials used, but ultimately the investment will be worth it in terms of the return you will get in both value and comfort. There are numerous affordable options for sunroom additions and they make an effective way to add value to your home. Call us today and we can help you design and install a the sunroom of your dreams.

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