There are many options when it comes to the floors in your homes and commercial establishments. Most of these options are exercised after taking into consideration aspects such as the following:

  • the kind of traffic or footfall that the floor will see
  • cost effectiveness
  • need for aesthetic appeal and
  • durability.


Even when it comes to epoxy floor coating all the above aspects will come into play. So what is this epoxy flooring coating and when or where can use it?


What is epoxy coating?

Epoxy is a polymer and is known for being very durable. It can be applied either as a floor itself or as a coating. When it comes to epoxy floor coating, it is simply a solution that can be applied on top of an existing floor. This makes it a very versatile solution for places such as:

  • homes,
  • garages
  • basements
  • commercial establishments and even
  • industrial plants.


When should you use it?

Even though the versatility of an epoxy floor coating simply means that you can use it almost anywhere, ideally, you should look at it primarily because it is an extremely hard and durable solution. Therefore, most commercial establishments, industrial plants, factories, shopping establishments and even garages go in for this.


The added benefit of epoxy coating is the fact that it results in an extremely shiny and glossy finish. Therefore, it looks good as well! Most commercial establishments therefore choose an epoxy coating because it adds to the appeal of their interior décor.


Added advantages

When you go in for an epoxy floor coating in commercial establishments, you can also enjoy added benefits such as the following:

  • resistance to abrasive materials
  • durability and ability to handle a lot of footfall
  • easily maintained and
  • non-slip properties when you chose to add texture to your epoxy floor coat


Professional services

There are plenty of professional services available when it comes to the application of epoxy floor coating. It would be good to call in such service providers because they will do a thorough job in a short frame of time. Also, since epoxy coating may take a few days to cure fully, you may need to keep out of the space till it is completely dry. A professional service provider will be able to finish the job as quickly as possible, thereby causing minimum disruption.


Thus, epoxy coating has indeed become a popular choice today because of its durability, good looks and versatility. In the long run, it proves to be a rather cost-effective option for commercial establishments as well.


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